9th Infantry Division
50th Anniversary
1918 - 1968

On July 18th 1968, the 9th Infantry Division celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Division with a special "Old Reliable" 8-page newspaper, Division ceremony, concert, anniversary card and special meals (C-rats for those in the field).

Can't reproduce the ceremony or the special meals but below are copies of the card and the "Old Reliable" 50th Anniversary issue. Many of the files are LARGE and download times will be long unless you have high speed access. It is worth the wait.

Thanks again to CWO "Mac" Magnuson

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The 50th Anniversary card the Division handed out July 1968. The second scan is the inside of the card.

Below are the scans of the 8-page 50th Anniversary issue of the Old Reliable newspaper dated 17 July 1968 - To view, click on the page and WAIT - the download size is indicated for each page.

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Pages 4&5; centerfold - 145 KB

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