9th Infantry Division

Battalion Commanders

1966 - 1967

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Below are the names and Battalions.
From the top left and then moving right and then down:

First Row:
LTC J. S. Miles - 2nd of the 39th Infantry
LTC W. R. Richardson - 3rd of the 39th Infantry
LTC C. B. Bell, Jr. - 4th of the 39th Infantry

Second Row:
LTC W. B. Cronin - 2nd of the 47th Infantry
LTC L. E. Bolduc, Jr. - 3rd of the 47th Infantry
LTC G. I. Tutwiler - 4th of the 47th Infantry

Third Row:
LTC A. M. Mundy - 2nd of the 60th Infantry
LTC E. W. Chamberlain, Jr. - 3rd of the 60th Infantry
LTC L. K. Truscott, III - 5th of the 60th Infantry

Fourth Row:
LTC L. G. King - 2nd of the 4th Artillery
LTC J. R. Sadler - 1st of the 11th Artillery
LTC D. G. Smaw - 3rd of the 34th Artillery
LTC K. C. Nusbaum - 1st of the 34th Artillery

Fifth Row:
LTC S. S. Haszard - 3rd Squadron, 5th Cavalry
LTC S. W. Achee - 9th Aviation Battalion
LTC J. H. Reeder - 9th Signal Battalion
LTC W. E. Read - 15th Engineer Battalion
LTC S.T. Post - 709th Maintenance Battalion
LTC D. W. Meyer - 9th Supply and Transportation Battalion
Major L. L. Cargill - 9th Medical Battalion

Courtesy of Paul Kasper