Chris Noel

From 1966 to 1971 Chris Noel broadcast, each night of the week, an Armed Forces Radio show called “A Date with Chris” that was broadcast around the world. She was also under contract with MGM at the time and appeared in many movies and on TV. Her radio shows were recorded in the US and transferred to records (you guys remember those round vinyl thingies you spin on a turntable) that were distributed to Armed Forces Radio stations throughout the world. Over those five years she made many “handshake” tours in Vietnam, by herself as well as with Bob Hope, visiting troops from I Corps to IV Corps.

In Vietnam, Chris’ show was considered America’s answer to the North Vietnamese radio broadcasts of “Hanoi Hannah”.

Chris' thoughts about JANE FONDA:

As Chris relates in her oral history, one of the objectives of putting her program on the air was to counter “Hanoi Hannah”. Hanoi Hannah was well known for propaganda that could get very personal – such as saying “SP4 Jones, you think your wife is patiently waiting for you at home. Little do you know that she is with your best friend John”.

Chris states, in her oral history, that she blames Jane Fonda for gathering, from contacts within the US, negative personal information about troops serving in Vietnam and getting that information to North Vietnam to be broadcast by Hanoi Hannah. In many cases, this propaganda had devastating effects on those who were identified by name as well as a subjective effect on many others who would start wondering whether “Jody” was visiting with their wife or girlfriend.

What follows is Chris’ summary of her feelings about Jane Fonda as published in the book:
”I think she is a traitor to the United States of America. I think she has a lot of blood on her hands. And she didn’t think anything that she did was wrong”.

Ron Steinman published a book in 2000 “Women in Vietnam – The Oral History”, which covers the oral histories of 15 nurses, Red Cross, Army and “Others Who Served” women who were in Vietnam. The section “Others Who Served” covers Bobbie (Bobbie the Weather Girl) Keith and Chris Noel. Check your local library if you are interested in reading the book.

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