Photos from SP5 Marc Turpin 1968/1969
2nd Platoon, 1st Squad

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Photos from SGT Anthony Polelli

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Photos from SP4 Hershel Hicks ('67/'68)

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Photos from SSG Ron Rush ('67/'68)

W-RR-RonRush-onright.jpg (18687 bytes)    W-RR-christmascard2.jpg (31463 bytes)    W-RR-chirstmas card 1.jpg (24999 bytes)
1 - Ron is on the right; others unknown
2 & 3 - 1968 Christmas card sent and signed by D Company buddies to Ron after he had left Vietnam

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Ron's health continues to deteriorate and he would like to hear from anyone who served with him in Vietnam. To send an e-mail to Ron, click here.

Ray Jedynak ('66/'67) forwarded 15 photos 

W-RJ-Thacker Jedynak and Mathews.jpg (20816 bytes)   W-RJ-Dong Tam.jpg (17201 bytes)   W-RJ- Sanders and Jedynak.jpg (25378 bytes)
1 - Thacker, Jedynnak and Mathews
2 - Dong Tam Basin
3 - Sanders and Jedynak

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Robert Thacker ('68-'69) has forwarded the following photos. Most of the names have been forgotten so if anyone recognizes a face please contact Bob by e-mail.

Many of the thumbnails look better than the full size photos when you click on the thumbnails but the full size photo may allow identification of some of the guys.

Web-RT13a.jpg (28325 bytes)   Web-RT13b.jpg (30834 bytes)   Web-RT13c.jpg (33351 bytes)   Web-RT13d.jpg (33113 bytes)

Web-RT14a.jpg (8963 bytes)   Web-RT14b.jpg (20368 bytes)   Web-RT14c.jpg (27837 bytes)   Web-RT15a.jpg (21794 bytes)   Web-RT15b.jpg (30667 bytes)

Web-RT16a.jpg (28928 bytes)   Web-RT16b.jpg (25539 bytes)   Web-RT16c.jpg (28348 bytes)   Web-RT16d.jpg (25247 bytes)
1. - Chris Watson
2. - Robert Thacker
3. - Robert with 1st SGT Ted Farmer

Web-RT17a.jpg (24252 bytes)   Web-RT17b.jpg (21861 bytes)   Web-RT18a.jpg (15754 bytes)   Web-RT18b.jpg (17763 bytes)

Web-RT19a.jpg (30384 bytes)   Web-RT19b.jpg (31269 bytes)   Web-RT19c.jpg (32359 bytes)   Web-RT19d.jpg (26444 bytes)