Fire Support Bases

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The map on left is courtesy of Mike Milton (DISCOM) and shows some of the FSB locations along QL4.

The map on the right is used as reference. Look for Rt. 211, running N/S as a reference on both maps.

The following is commentary from Paul Kasper.

Point "M" is the location of FSB Moore, a place that I am sure that you may have visited, if you were  in-country from April 68 until the 9th ID left SVN. Point "E" is  a little compound that we called "Camp Mohawk", that was manned by Echo 2/39 Recon in April - June 1968. Point "F" is the approx. location of FSB Fels, the first FSB manned by the 2/39 Btn along Hwy 4, from Feb - April 1968. Point "D" is the location of Ft Dent and the intersection on Hwy 4 where  a track was blown up.
On the far left of this map (just off the map scan) is the town of Cai Lay (or Khiem Ich - which is the name of the base map). Over on the far right of the map scan is "Duong Diem"; this is the area where FSB Jaeger had been located, although I am not sure of the exact spot. Above FSB  Moore is the caption "3 Jun". This is the spot where on 3 Jun 68, 14 guys from Alpha 2/39, along with 7 from Echo 2/39 Recon and a medic from HHC 2/39 were KIA in a combat action that was called the "Battle in the Plain of Reeds of 3 Jun 68". This location is just south of the KinhTong Doc Loc, a major canal that was part of the southern boundary of the
Plain of Reeds area.

If you have information about the location and time of existence of other FSBs, e-mail the web-master with the info and it will be posted.