Ronald, Ron "Doc" Allison photos from August 1967 through August 1968. Posted December 2011
Left click on the "photos" link above. Ron was a medic assigned to HHC and spent 9 months with B Company


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1. Gary McGinnis - Water Purification at Tan Tru
2. Doofuss. Found at FSB Lambert and lived mostly at Dong Tam
3. Glenn Haltom, Victor Martinez and Jimmy Cartmill - Supply runs from Dong Tam

Submitted by Cpl. Jimmy Cartmill (67-69) S4, Water Purification

Sgt. Charles Bullock (RVN '67 - '71) has submitted many photos. To keep page load times reasonable, his photos have been placed on a separate page. Click HERE to view Charles' photos from Bearcat to Dong Tam
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The following photos were left by Morton F. Roth, Battalion S3 1967-1968, at the registration desk of the hotel that was used by the 15th Combat Engineers for the 2000 reunion. He was unable to attend the reunion do to business requirements and wanted to share his photos and memorabilia.

For additional photos (added 7/12/01), including the "Jungle Crusher" click HERE

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1. "Me and Cpt Dick Scharf, Asst. Ops Officer. I was opening an Ammo box containing, I think, some items that some of you guys would rather not go into too much detail about. I used to go through the area collecting thinks that shouldn't be there."

2. UPDATE  from SFC Robert Lazzell - GI on the right (standing). That is SFC Richard Wood (Minn), he was the Battalion S-2 Air Recon NCOIC. He was wounded while pulling Staff Duty NCO. He was in the Merchant Marine during WW II.

2. During Operation  Sante Fe I, '67 he went to take shower (bag) stepped off cleared path and tripped a trip wire, heard a pop and was sure it was a claymore and ran like hell loosing the towel. Turned out to be a flare. Put on the towel and looked around guys all doing normal things; nobody seemed to have noticed a rather embarrassed naked major, so he never said anything. The two guys on the left were  LT's and the other guy was SGT. The standing LT had been in one hell of firefight at one of the  FSB's and went to secondary MOS and fought as Infantry.

3 & 4. Original NVA propaganda leaflet..."telling us we're all  gonna die".

" I really do regret missing the 2000 reunion. As far as I was concerned, you and we did one hell of a job as combat engineers. Putting in 10 Bailey Bridges in 11 days on Operation Santa Fe was a feat unmatched, uncovering many VC weapons cashes with our Rhome plows; jungle clearing; swamp air boat platoon w/50cals, flame tracks, LaTorurno jungle crusher; mine clearing; fire base construction practically overnight; Dong Tam from the ground (sand) up and countless other tasks that you accomplished in support of the men of the 9th Inf. Div. You have to be a combat engineer to fully appreciate the work done by combat engineers.

You guys were the best and I was proud to serve with you.

Major Morton Roth, S3, 15th Combat Engineer Battalion, '67 - '68

Photos below courtesy of CWO Grimur "Mac" Magnusson. Some of Mac's photos of the 15th CEB compound have been posted on the Dong Tam Page

LTC Loper and Mac    Awards ceremony 18 Aug. 1968
Left: LTC Loper awarding ACM to CW3 Magnusson, Battalion S4.
Right: Awards ceremony 18 August 1968, Dong Tam

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Left: Outside Saigon
Right: Outside the office in Dong Tam

Below are some of Mac's photos from Bear Cat, 1967.
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Sand bag detail   Living quarters   BOQ   Home sweet home

Latrine and shower   HQ-4 ready to roll   S4 building   Mac and HQ-4

The "Chief"   Always close at hand

Photos below courtesy of (at the time) SSG Bob Lazzell
Time frame between August 1968 and February 1969.

Outside Battalion Headquarters       With the Flame Plt., wearing SSG Barney's helmet #63      Bob with Lee Loc, 15th's interpreter
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Bob nad SSG Dunn      Locals and pay day      VC flag
Left: with SSG Dunn the Med NCOIC
Center: Paying the locals
Right: VC flag captured along QL4

Receiving the BSM and ACM from ADC Gen. Kraft -2/69        1989 Pon Mun Jom
Bob in 1969 and 1989

SSG Lazzell (later SFC) was with Battalion S2 and was SFC Meyers assistant during '68 and '69. During a second tour he was a Flight Platoon Sergeant and participated in a short vacation in Laos.
As a career soldier he participated, while in Korea, in TEAM SPIRIT during '88, '89 and '90. Also participated in BRIGHT STAR, with 3rd Army to Jordan in 1989. Bob was also in Saudi Arabia with the 24th Division in 1990.

Courtesy of Paul Kasper - 1967

Warm Welcome    Paul's Flame APC    Ready    Some Results     

Lost APC    Reload Time    Lost APC
Above are photos of Paul's Flame APC in action and some results.
The two color photos (courtesy of Don Anderson) above show a result similar to what Paul found of his Flame APC after he returned from R&R.

Close Shave    Green    Danforth    Brumley
1st Photo: Paul Kasper's knife - the guy in front is Barney.
2nd Photo: Last name is Green; note the flame barrel attached to the header board of the tent entrance.
3rd Photo: Last name is Danforth
4th Photo: Last name is Brumley

Weight Lifting? Courtney    Barney and Booth
1st Photo: Goof shot - name is Courtney
2nd Photo: Barney on left, Booth on right



HHC 15th Engineer Battalion 1967

M88 Tank Retriever

In 1967 HHC was based at Camp Martin Cox (Bearcat)

Personnel were sent, as needed, to various units throughout the 9th Infantry Division to fill gaps in unit head count.

The M88 (tank retriever) stayed at Bearcat and would be sent out to those who had need of its services. It was a slow moving vehicle but it had the power to pull tanks, APCs, bulldozers (to include the Rome Plow) and downed aircraft out for repair or salvage. It had limited armament but was generally escorted by APCs where ever it went.

The Flame Platoon was the most TDY unit that HHC had. With only 5 flame-thrower APCs in 1967 and two service trucks for them, they would go in pairs on operations and to various units throughout Vietnam. They did not just provide a service to the 9th Infantry division they also spent time with the ROK (Korean) unit, Australian’s, Thailand "Queen’s Cobra’s" Armor unit, ARVN units, the Marines, Navy (Mobile Riverine Force), the 1st CAV, 25th Infantry, 199th Infantry, 173rd, 101st and the 82nd. The Platoon even had their own patch (unauthorized) to wear.

 Each platoon had it's own duties, depending on unit requirements and base of operations. The majority of time was spent on mine clearing, demolition work, Phoo Gas, building and maintaining bridges and buildings, along with the road/mine clearing and repairs to roads damaged by both sides. This many times included the small airstrips/helo-pads.

Needless to say, many records of operations were lost or never filed.

Please sent any pictures, information or names you may have from HHC to the