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Combat Losses (KIA) In Vietnam

Army policy was to promote anyone killed in action to the next rank

* M A Thomas, Jr. (aka Tex Tom) was KIA while with the 571st Engineers, 3rd Brigade, 9th Infantry Division. He was with C Company, 15th CEB when it was re-designated as the 571st due to the 15th CEB leaving Vietnam on 24 August 1969.

** W L Newsome is also listed, in some records, as being with C Company, 5/60th.

James Albert Dailey was from 3rd Squad, 3rd Platoon, C Company, 15th Engineer Battalion (Combat) and not with the 5/60th Inf as the 5/60th records indicate. This has been verified by James Deister (also from the same unit) who was with Dailey when he was KIA. Billy Ray Crawford, Dailey and Deister were a three man Engineer demolition team assigned to the 5/60th 11/67. Visit Personal Stories for further details.

There are 41 known KIAs who were 15th Combat Engineers.
One date stands out from all others, 2/25/1968 - this was the date that FSB Jaeger was attacked. On 2/25/68 the 15th CEB lost 5 men KIA and possibly one other.  See below the list of KIA for details of FSB Jaeger.

Last Name First & Middle Names Rank Home of Record Date of Action Company Province
Alexander  David Harold  SP4  Sanford, Maine 12/16/68 A Dinh Tuong
Balai Andres SSG  Waipahu, Hawaii 12/16/68 A Dinh Tuong
Barr  Elmer Edward  SP4  Clymer, Pennsylvania 3/30/69 A Dinh Tuong
Cooper James William SP5  Houston, Texas 4/9/68 A Dinh Tuong
Garrison William Lawrence CPL Congers, New York 5/13/67 A Dinh Tuong
Hunter  Paul Carling  SP4  Allentown, Pennsylvania 3/17/67 A Binh Duong
Lantz  Charles Wesley  MSG  Bayard, West Virginia 3/17/67 A Binh Duong
Law  James Douglas  SP4  Indianapolis, Indiana 3/17/67 A Binh Duong
Norris William Theodore SP5 Mansfield, Ohio 3/17/67 A Binh Duong
Owen Dean Gilman SP5 Camp Springs, Maryland 4/6/68 A Dinh Tuong
Reagle John Louis CPL Centerville, Pennsylvania 1/28/69 A Dinh Tuong
Sanders Robert Neil SSG Orleans, Nebraska 12/16/68 A Dinh Tuong
Schreffler Cleon Larry Cpl Millersburg, Pennsylvania 5/3/67 A Bien Hoa
Segers Roger Dale CPL Altha, Florida 7/14/67 A Phouc Tuy
Brown  Joe Henry SP4  Jackson, Mississippi 2/25/68 B Dinh Tuong
Clark Ronnie Lee CPL  Hugoton, Kansas 2/25/68 B Binh Thuan
De La Rosa, Jr Larry A. CPL  Baldwin Park, California 2/25/68 B Dinh Tuong
Kee, III Daniel Peter PFC  Collingdale, Pennsylvania  10/26/67 B Bien Hoa
Lane  Dennis Eugene  CPL  Wilton, California 2/25/68 B Dinh Tuong
Simmons Robert Louis SGT Ridgeway, South Carolina 2/25/68 B Dinh Tuong
Dailey James Albert SP4 Moorefield, Kentucky 11/18/67 C Dinh Tuong
Farden  Kenneth Roy  CPL  Los Angeles, California 9/16/68 C Long An
Newsome ** William Lester PVT New Rochelle, NY 2/25/68 C Dinh Tuong
Thomas, Jr. * Matthew Alonzo SP5 Houston, TX 11/18/69 C Long An
Ford  Freddie Darrel  SGT  Church Hill, Tennessee 1/7/68 C Dinh Tuong
Todd Jimmie Lester MSG Herington, Kansas 2/28/68 C Long An
Williams Roger Ralph SP4 Kansas City, Missouri 3/3/67 C Unkn
Adamski  Dennis James  SP4  Appleton, Wisconsin 6/19/67 D Gia Dinh
Brown  Gerald Keith  SGT  Maitland, Florida 3/7/68 D Dinh Tuong
Gillman  Donald Standley SP4  Milton, Florida 3/11/68 D Dinh Tuong
Herring  Boyd Lemuel  SGT  Hampton, Virginia 3/8/68 D Dinh Tuong
Merriam  David Henry  SP4  Painesville, Ohio 11/17/68 D Thua Thien
Pelham, Jr Earl Timothy SFC Augusta, Georgia 6/20/68 D Phong Dinh
Tindle Daniel Wayne SP4  Sparta, Missouri 3/11/69 D Dinh Tuong
Carver Harry Franklin SSG  New Albany, Indiana 4/10/68 E Bien Hoa
Haworth  William Harry  SGT  Bristol, Pennsylvania 5/25/67 E Long An
Hoskins John Thomas CPT Sulphur, Louisiana 5/6/68 E Kien Hoa
Gniadek Robert Joseph CPL Chicago, Illinois 1/27/69 HHC Dinh Tuong
Mark  Richard Strode  SP4  Lincoln University, Pennsylvania 2/23/69 HHC Dinh Tuong
O'Steen Charles Robert SSG Jacksonville, Florida 2/5/69 HHC Kien Tuong
Palmer Henry Lee SP4  Madisonville, Kentucky 2/18/69 HHC Dinh Tuong


Webmaster's Note:
The following information was extracted from the 1st Brigade, "Combat After Action Report" 

FB Jager (Jaeger), location XS355495, 14 kilometers (about 8 miles) East of Cai Lay. Attack started about 1:30AM, 2/25/68 and lasted four hours. Western part of the base was overrun. One 155mm howitzer captured by the VC but recaptured by US troops before it could be used or removed by the VC. 20 US troops KIA and 69 wounded. 97 VC KIA (possibly another 47 VC KIA) and one VC captured. Nine 5/60th APCs destroyed - 8 were destroyed in unprotected defensive positions.
US units at Jaeger: B 5/60, C 5/60, 1 platoon A 2/39, 1 platoon B 15th Engineer (reinforced) and B 1/84th Artillery with four 155mm howitzers, towed. 210 troops total.
Weapons captured: 22 AK 47s, 5 AK 50s, 6 Russian LMGs, 7 RPG-2s, 1 RPG-7, 2 AN/PRC-10 radios, 1 M60, 1 Thompson SMG, 1 M79, 1 45 caliber pistol, 2 US carbines, 10 Bangalore torpedoes, 20 RPG-2/7 rounds, 1 Turtle mine and assorted gear and documents.
Reaction units were sent from FSB Hesson (XS383494) which was located 3KM East of Jaeger and FSB Fels (XS294496) West of Jaeger.

The mission of FSB Jaeger was to keep Highway #4 (QL-4) open between XS330503 and XS472478.

In case anyone thinks we were fighting a bunch of uneducated guys in black shorts, consider the following: The VC jammed the 5/60 Battalion frequency. They started the attack with a feint from the South to cover the real attack from the West.

Many lesson learned from this engagement. The primary one was NEVER leave an APC unprotected in a defensive position. In military speak, make sure there is "hull defilade". For us ordinary vets that means dig the mother in or surround it with sand bags.

For the entire After Action Report and Lessons Learned, go to 

B  (C?) Company, 15th Engineers lost one 5 ton dump truck and possibly had one KIA. Their mission was to sweep QL-4 each morning and also repair any damage to the road.

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