Chaplain's Corner
Hosted by Chaplain Stan O'Loughlin
Chaplain, 15th CEB, 1967 - 1968

(December 2000)


Can you believe it? The New Year is almost on us. I know that when I am writing this, Christmas is only a couple weeks away but somehow it looms in front of me that this means the New Year is only three weeks away. For some of us we are sorry to see the old year leave and some of us have had enough troubles in it that we are delighted to get rid of it.

For me, I am glad to see the New Year come because it reminds me of a basic of my personal religious beliefs; there is always the possibility of a new beginning. In the Christian faith we call this Grace but wherever you are in your faith walk it means that none of us are "stuck" in life unless we choose to be so. The truth of the matter is we have all accomplished enough in life that we have survived to this day and believe me sometimes that, in itself, is no small accomplishment. But no matter how good or how limited we are we all know parts of our lives that if we change will make our life richer and more meaningful to ourselves and others. Whether you want to call this "New Year’s Resolutions" or whatever else, why not try to improve some aspects of your life in the coming year.

I would offer the following suggestions:

Pick only one or two areas of your life that you feel a change would mean the most to you.

Narrow it down to some definite actions you would like to see different.

Set measurable goals to know whether you succeed or not.

Realize you likely will need help beyond yourself. This might be a spouse, significant other or just a friend. It also might mean God, a higher power or whatever name you are comfortable calling upon.

Finally reward yourself for accomplishment and don’t beat yourself around the head and shoulders when you don’t accomplish.

So the New Year is almost here. I wish each of you one that is a "best ever" and will look forward to getting to know more of you in the months ahead. God Bless and God be with you.

Chaplain Stan