Operational Reports
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There is another page on this site "After Action" which will be incorporated into this page at a later date. The After Action page is the 18 page report submitted by LTC Loper to the 9th ID Commander and covers the 15th Engineer activity for the period of 8/67 through 10/67.

All documents have been forwarded by Paul Kasper (HHC Flame Platoon and C Companies - '67/'68)


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15th Engineer Battalion Operational Report 30 April 1968

Division reports for 28 February 1968

Below is the 15th Engineer Battalion (CBT) Operational Report and Lessons Learned (ORLL) for the three months ending 30 April 1968 submitted by LTC Loper to the Commanding General, 9th Infantry Division

W-PKrep1.gif (16006 bytes)   W-PKrep2.gif (17642 bytes)   W-PKrep3.gif (20301 bytes)   W-PKrep4.gif (18021 bytes)   W-PKrep5.gif (16178 bytes)
Page 1 - Introduction and Organization
Page 2 - Personnel and Administration
Page 3 - Intelligence and Operations
Page 4 - Operations continued
Page 5 - Headquarters Company and A Company

W-PKrep6.gif (20070 bytes)   W-PKrep7.gif (19489 bytes)   W-PKrep8.gif (17725 bytes)   W-PKrep9.gif (17284 bytes)   W-PKrep10.gif (14387 bytes)
Page 6 - A Company continued and B Company
Page 7 - B Company continued and C and D Company
Page 8 - D Company continued and E Company
Page 9 - E Company continued and Logistics, Supply and Service
Page 10 - Water Supply, Carpenter/Cement Block Operation and Medical Service 

W-PKrep11.gif (13053 bytes)   W-PKrep12.gif (16214 bytes)   W-PKrep13.gif (13992 bytes)   W-PKrep14.gif (15721 bytes)   W-PKrep15.gif (7555 bytes)
Page 11 - Medical Service continued and Communications, Military Civic Action and SECTION 2 - Lessons Learned
Page 12 - Lessons Learned continued
Page 13 - Lessons Learned continued
Page 14 - Lessons Learned continued
Page 15 - Lessons Learned continued - end of report

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Enclosure 1 - Operating and Attached Units
Enclosure 2 - Battalion officers and Company Commanders

 Some Division level documents covering the day (28 February 1968) that SSG Jimmie Todd, C Company, 15th Engineer was KIA.

W-PKrpt1.gif (21584 bytes)
Notice item 56 at 0930 hours. This was the action during which SSG Todd was killed. The item shows NO KIA even though SSG Todd died in the initial ambush. So much for the validity of recorded information.

W-PKrpt9.gif (18019 bytes)   W-PKrpt10.gif (18846 bytes)   W-PKrpt11.gif (19873 bytes)

W-PKrpt12.gif (18525 bytes)   W-PKrpt13a.gif (15738 bytes)   W-PKrpt14.gif (15459 bytes)
Above is the 6 page 9th Division Situation Report for 28 February 1968 that was prepared for the Commanding General, II Field Force.