Photos Courtesy of Joe Kolodziejski
"Philly Joe" is currently, 2002, is on a 25,000 mile canoe trip along the Intercoastal Waterway. To follow his trip go to:


Command Post, B Co., 11Aug. '67   HHC Plt., B Co., Bear Cat, 10 Aug. '67   Rainstorm - back of hooch, 11 Aug '67

Some of Joe's photos from Bear Cat, 1967

Some of the guys   Joseph Kolodziejski, Aug. '67

Huh, huh - combat sure is tough.

And Who is this?   Is she coming or going?
One of the entertainers from the Bob Hope show

Okay, back to work.

Where'd she go?   She ain't here fool!   We haven't got a clue   What's going on?
1st Photo: Far left is Richard Demuth from Bellflower, CA and that's Joe facing the camera towards the right.
2nd Photo: The black trooper, in the foreground, with his back to the camera might be SGT Joseph Allen from Baltimore, MD.
3rd Photo: The bar in the back of 3rd squad, 3rd platoon hooch. On the left is David Miles (Indianapolis, IN?).
Last Photo:  Last name is Johnson from FL - drove a 5 ton.

Above are a group of confused guys. First "round eye" they've seen in months and they are trying to excavate a septic system for the General's Staff so they would have flush toilets. Why would anyone want flush toilets when you had the aroma, and the profusion of wildlife to view, when using the standard issue outhouse?
The Pentagon started the same way - cooonfuuusion everywhere!