List of Contributors to Maintaining this Web Site

Richard Walczak - D Company 3/67-2/68 Donation $25.00

Christmas-Card-1967.jpg (14188 bytes)      Christmas-Card-1967-Inside.jpg (4794 bytes)      Delta-Company-Stationary.jpg (9067 bytes)
Some memorabilia Richard sent me along with his generous donation.
Photos 1 and 2: The 1967 Christmas card and Photo 3: The D Company stationary from 1967

Two Questions

Question number one:

For the last 8 and a half years I have used the graphic shown above as the lead graphic. It was simple and covered the 15th Engineer Battalion as we knew it - the 15th was deactivated in 1991. But times have changed.

The 15th Engineer Battalion was reactivated in July 2008 in Germany.

I created a new graphic for their page on this web site.

The question is: Which graphic should be used as the lead graphic on every page?

Should you wish to voice your opinion just sign in on the Guest Book and state your opinion - OLD or New graphic.

Question number two:

I have maintained this web site for over 8 and a half years and it truly was a labor of love. Whether you recognize it or not there have been thousands of hours devoted to posting pages here. Software had to be upgraded along with hardware - and I have no idea what I have spent. Maintaining the web site without advertisements has cost over $1,800.

I am not begging or threatening to shut down our web site. All I am asking is that should you wish to contribute a small amount of money to help me defray the ongoing cost of maintaining our web site - it would be appreciated.

I will post the names and the amount contributed as I receive the information.

Contact me at should you wish to help. My mailing address is

Richard Coogan
5231 Revere Road
Drexel Hill, PA 19026

Thank you,
Rich Coogan