15th Combat Engineer
Battalion reunion - 2001

The following was forwarded by Don Anderson, president of the 15th Combat Engineer Battalion Association (15th CEBA).


The 2001 Reunion of  former members of the 15th Combat Engineer Battalion, held in conjunction with the Mobile Riverine Force Association, in Ft. Mitchell, KY is over and based on the comments of those attending, a good time was had by all.


Those that, arrived Thursday afternoon and early evening, got together for dinner in the Hotel included, Fred Rey (D), Don Anderson (D), Gary Sieg (D), Joe Frazier (A) and Henry McMahon (A).  After dinner a few beers and hours of conversation were enjoyed in Henry McMahon’s (A) room.


After a Breakfast Buffet put on by the Hotel, everyone gathered in our Hospitality Room for coffee, conversation and photo looking.

Former Lt. Charles Houghton, DELTA Company, 2nd Platoon entertained the group with his slide show of his visit to modern day Vietnam. Houghton pointed out several locales recognized by many of us who were in the Delta. New bridges have been built over the My Tho River as well as new ferries. Our old base camp, Dong Tam is being used as a snake farm for the meat and venom.

Houghton was there for three weeks teaching conversational English to the Vietnamese with a group from the States. “Letters Home” from Houghton can be read on the Association’s website at www.15thcombatengineers.org

All during the day guys were arriving like Don Bramley and Ron Wilson with their wives.


After the Breakfast Buffet everyone started gathering in the Hospitality Room for more of the same type activities.

Loyd Gerardot, formerly with ALPHA Company, '66-'67 brought his digital slide show of photos from his tour of duty to share with everyone.

Kenneth Pacyga, formerly of ALPHA Company ('66-'67), brought about seven photo albums covering his tour of duty. He also had a "Yearbook" from Ft. Riley, KS, which included photos of all of the Companies in the 15th Combat Engineer Battalion in '66.

J.C. Brown, formerly of ECHO Company, ’66 has borrowed the “Yearbook” from Ken to see if he can find the publisher or reproduce the book in some manner.

Elections were held Saturday afternoon, after confirming a quorum had been established per the By-Laws and all voting members were given ballots on which to write down the candidates of their choice for the Board.  Paul Kasper (HQ & C) and Pierce Michael (D) were elected to 2-year terms. J.C. Brown (E), Robert Sage (A) and Don Anderson (D) were elected to 4-year terms. Ric Hutchinson was also a candidate for election.

One item was brought before the group for a non-binding vote, and that was a suggestion that the Association try to sponsor a reunion of just the 15th Combat Engineer Battalion and possibly hold the reunion somewhere near Ft. Leonard Wood, MO. with possible tours at the Fort. The general reaction was positive and the Board will go forward to collect information and analyze the possibility. We will keep everyone informed.

J.C. Brown arranged dinner for the group and the group took the Hotel shuttle to a seafood restaurant called “Shells”

After Dinner we reopened the Hospitality Room for more conversation, beer/sodas and photo looking.

Latter, we viewed a number of videos.

Gary Sieg, DELTA Company, '66 presented a video made up of his photos and slides from his tour. His video included music, beginning with "Soldier Boy"

Federico Rey, also formerly of DELTA Company ('67-'68) provided a video of his tour of duty.

Don Anderson, also formerly of DELTA Company ('67-'68) had a video of his tour including some photos of the Bob Hope USO show on Christmas Day, 1967 at Camp Bear Cat with Raquel Welch. 

In addition, Don had a video of the 1999 reunion and the gathering on Veterans Day, 2000 in Washington, DC where a wreath was laid at the Vietnam War Memorial to honor the Battalion's dead.

On behalf of the Board I would like to offer our thanks and praise for the work that Ric Hutchinson has performed over the last two year working on the Association’s website. It’s a thankless job and I wanted Ric to know how much his work has meant to the Board and the Association. 

 Also, Don asked to post the following since we are all trying to locate 15th vets:


No this isn't about the Beatles song of our youth. The 15th Combat Engineer Battalion Association needs help in finding all of the Officers and Enlisted men who served in the Battalion during it's deployment to Vietnam.

You can help in many ways. One way is go through that old box of your military life that's in a closet, attic or basement and look for old orders. Occasionally there will be others from the same Battalion listed on the orders. Orders for rotation back to the States usually listed the home address of the individual. They always had the individuals service number list or after 1969 his Social Security Account Number (SSAN).

The above is valuable information for locating the individual. Obviously a home address is valuable. For an enlisted man the first two letters (RA or US) indicated whether he joined or was drafted. The next two numbers indicates the area of the country where he came from. Sometimes these numbers may include as many as twelve states.

The first three numbers of a Social Security Account Number (SSAN) will indicate which state the number was issued in.

At the end of this article is a list of the RA/US numbers and the SSAN codes for your use. You will find in your search some of the guys will have service numbers that don't show up on the list or their service number will be from some other area than the area they came from. Some of this with the RA numbers is due the Army Recruiters signing a guy up in Texas but registering him as being from Indiana to help another Recruiter who hadn't made his quota. This is what happened to me. My service number is RA15 which includes the Indiana area, but I took my oath and signed the documents in downtown Houston, Texas. My number should have been RA18.

Sometimes guys who were drafted into the service will change their status from draftee to Regular Army, which shows up as RA54.

Occasionally you will find an individual whose service number is RA 67…I'm not sure were the numbers originated from. It may be an Enlisted Reserve or National Guard number and the individual didn't meet his obligation so he was called up.

If someone has some information on this let me know.

Finding Officers is more difficult and if anyone has a way of doing it please let us know. Like are their numbers SSAN or something else?

Right now we are operating off of a list that CWO Grimur "Mac" Magnusson has provided which is extensive.

"What if I don't have any old orders how do I find the guys I served with?"

Copies of "Morning Reports" and/or "Duty Rosters" can be obtained from;

National Personnel Records

Military Personnel Records
 9700 Page Ave.
St. Louis, MO. 63132-5100

There is a search fee of $8.30 due up front and then additional fees for pulling the files and printing the results. A request will take anywhere between one and 4 months to complete.

You should be specific as to the Army Division, the Battalion, Dates and the Company. It is best to give them a range of 3-4 months in a certain year to search. The 9th Inf. Div. was terrible about keep records.

The Report/Rosters will provide an alphabetical listing of the enlisted personnel available for duty in that company. Additional information about the individuals will include service numbers/SSAN, when they arrived in Country and when they are due to rotate back to the states. Their MOS will be listed and their rank. Sometimes there is an indication that an individual is in a hospital or some other non-duty place.

Once you have a roster you can go to work locating the guys you served with. If you have access to the Internet or to one of the commercially available "National Telephone Directories" you can look up the guys. The unusual last names are easier to find than the Brown, Jones, etc.. You can call them or send letters or postcards to see if you have found the right one. Post cards cost  20-cents to mail, whereas letters will cost 34-cents and phone calls even more.

Back to   "HELP" , if we can get a couple of volunteers per company we can knock this work out and have a bigger turnout at our next reunion.

We already have several "Morning Reports" and "Duty Rosters" and we are attempting to acquire the remainder of the rosters for the Battalion's six companies.


RA (Regular Army)
RA10 - Hawaii

A11 - CT, ME, MA, NH, RI, VT
RA12 - DE, NJ, NY
RA13 - MD, PA, VA
RA14 - AL, FL, GA, MS, NC, SC, TN
RA15 - IN, KY, OH, WV
RA16 - IL, MI, WI
RA17 - CO, IA, KS, MN, MO, NE
            ND, SD, WY
RA18 - AR, LA, NM, OK, TX
RA19 - AK, AZ, CA, ID, MT
            NV, OR, UR, WA  

Selective Service Inductees:

US50 - HI
US51 - CT, DE, ME, MA, NH,
            NJ, RI, VT
US52 - IN, KY, MD, OH, PA,
            VA, WV
US53 - AL, FL, GA, MS, NC,
            SC, TN
US54 - AR, TX, LA, OK, NM
US55 - Co, IL, IA, KS, MI, MN
             MO, NE, ND, SD, WI, WY
US56 - AZ, CA, ID, MT, NV, OR,
            UT, WA
US502 - AK

Social Security Codes  

001 thru          003     NH
004                 007     ME
008                 009     VT
010                 034     MA
035                 039     RI
040                 049     CT
050                 134     NY
135                 158     NJ
159                 211     PA
212                 220     MA
221                 222     DE
223-231, 691-699*   VA
232                 236     WV
237-246, 681-690*   NC
247-251, 654-658*   SC
252-260, 667-675*   GA
261-267, 589-595*   FL
268                 302     OH
303                 317     PA
318                 361     IL
362                 386     MI
387                 399     WI
400                 407     KY
408-415, 756-763*   TN
416                 424     AL
425-428, 587,588*   MS
752-755*        MS
429-432,676-679*    AR
433-439, 659-665*   LA
440                 448     OK
449-467, 627-645     TX
468                 477     MN
478                 485     IA 486                 
500                             MO
501                 502     ND
503                 504     SD
505                 508     NE
509                 515     KS
516                 517     MT
518                 519     ID
520                                                           WY
521-524, 650-653*   CO
525,585, 648-649*   NM
526-527, 600-601     AZ
528-529, 646-647*   UT
530, 680*                   NV
531                 539     WA
540                 544     OR
545-573, 602-626*   CA
574                                                           AK
575-576, 750-751*   HI
577                 579     DC     
580                                                           Virgin Island
580-584, 596-599     PR
586                                                           Guam
586                                   Amer. Somoa
700                 728**  RRB


·        *New areas allocated but not yet issued

·        ** Railroad Board


Don Anderson