WWII Memorial

Washington, DC - June 2004

A tour of the World War II Memorial. Left click on any photo to see the full photo.

web-WWII-Entrance.jpg (31977 bytes)
The main entrance.
This is looking west toward the Lincoln Memorial.

The WWII Memorial is between the Lincoln Memorial - including the Reflecting Pool - and the Washington Monument.

The statue of Lincoln (looking east) sees the WWII Memorial as shown below.

web-Lincoln.jpg (35778 bytes)   web-Wash-Mem.jpg (51701 bytes)
Beyond the Reflecting Pool you can barely make out the outline of the WWII Memorial. It is not intrusive to the view and when you get to its location, well, the Memorial is overwhelming.

Returning to the main entrance, the next tableau you see is the following:

web-Plaque.jpg (41952 bytes)
You will notice the Lincoln Memorial in the background. You are again looking west.

The World War II Memorial is laid out in a circle with the Main Entrance on the eastern arc - the Washington Monument is behind you as you enter. The Towers are set at ground level with the interior approximately six feet below ground level.

web-Atlantic-Tower.jpg (26438 bytes)   web-Pacific-Tower.jpg (34943 bytes)
As you enter, the Atlantic Tower is on your right (north) and the Pacific Tower is on your left.

web-Atlantic-Tower-Interior.jpg (42080 bytes)
The interiors of both towers are identical

web-Pool.jpg (50412 bytes)
It is hard to capture the full glory of the WWII Memorial but the two towers are centered on a pool with two huge spouts and numerous smaller arcing water spouts surrounding the main spouts. The picture above is the view from the Atlantic Tower looking at the Pacific Tower (which is blocked by the water spouts).

web-Atlantic-w-pool.jpg (39966 bytes)  web-Pacific-Tower-w-States.jpg (59044 bytes)
The Pacific and Atlantic Towers are surrounded by 56 monoliths representing the 56 states and territories that existed as part of the United States in 1945.

web-Bataan.jpg (35201 bytes)  web-Huettgen-Forest.jpg (40173 bytes)
At the base of each tower, set in a half circle arc, are cascading water falls with the names of the major campaigns and battles etched in the marble

web-Pearl-Harbor.jpg (54051 bytes)  web-Midway-Inscription.jpg (66358 bytes)  web-North-Africa-Inscription.jpg (81106 bytes)  web-Nimitz-Inscription.jpg (55329 bytes)
web-D-Day.jpg (76117 bytes)  web-Wars-End.jpg (47337 bytes)
Some of the many inscriptions

web-4000-Stars.jpg (86625 bytes)
4,000 stars representing the approximately 400,000 who gave their lives.