Forward of
"Eight Stars to Victory"

Omar N. Bradley, General, U.S. Army

  "Every combat division has its own story. But not every division can match the story of the Ninth Infantry Division.  I have looked forward to the publication of this history, because I know these men and their fighting experiences well.
  I met them first in Africa, where, as part of the Second Corps, they participated in the Tunisia campaign and helped pound out our first major victory over the Axis.  That was the beginning of their long and distinguished combat record in World War II.  Later, as a Corps commander in Sicily, as an Army commander in Normandy, and as their Group commander in the final months of battle, I knew and counted upon their ability to accomplish a mission speedily and effectively.  I have never forgotten the courage, stamina and teamwork which distinguished them always and made them one of the outstanding fighting units in the United States Army.
  No history can ever fully recapture the grim and bitter hours through which a division on the line must live, nor can it describe adequately the many factors which go into the makeup of good fighting men and good fighting divisions.  But it can offer us a lesson in bravery, hard work and high morale which should never be forgotten.
  To the men of the Ninth I extend cordial good wishes for every success in the peacetime careers they have so well earned."
                                                Omar N. Bradley
                                                General, U.S. Army