Ron Younger Photos
Spring 1967

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Vung Tau - May? 1967
(19 Photos)
Rich Brewer
(E Company) and canine friends - June 1967
(7 Photos)
from Bearcat to Dong Tam - April/May 1967
(60+ photos)
C Company
- support/new base camp - May/June 1967
(23 photos)
Dong Tam
and the Navy Basin
(7 photos)

The pages contain photos taken by Ron Younger, C Company, 15th Combat Engineers. Ron recently gave a box of 35MM slides to Ron Titus (D Company) who spent endless hours scanning and sorting those photos which he forwarded for posting. Thanks Ron - both of you.

Ron Younger remembers little detail of his time with the 15th CEB and Ron Titus tried to make some guesses as to what/where the photos were taken. Some are obvious - Vung Tau and photos of Richard Brewer (E Company) and his canine friends.

I have tried to segregate the photos further and hope some of you viewing the photos may be able to identify the locations and vets where the photos were taken.

Both Ron Younger and Ron Titus were part of the "Infusion" program and were transferred to the 15th from the 175th Engineers, 196 Infantry Division. The "Infusion" program was undertaken due to many in the 9th ID having a DEROS (short timer) date too close to the same calendar date - wouldn't be very good if most of the 9th ID left country at the same time and were replaced by NFGs (use your imagination - N=New and G=Guys).