Photographs Courtesy
Of Mort Roth (BN S3)

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1 - "Jungle Crusher" manufactured by Letourneau. With the drums filled with water it would crush a 30 foot wide path through the jungle. When the drums were empty it would float.
2 - Mort standing beside the "Jungle Crusher". The photo gives you a feel for its size.

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Above are photos of the construction of the Battalion troop bunkers at Dong Tam. Mort doubled the with of a standard engineer bunker to accommodate troops from adjacent barracks. The bunkers were built between sets of barracks buildings with walls 2 (3?) foot thick and filled with sand.
Note: The first night that a bunker was useable, Mort went into it during a mortar attack. A round landed outside the wall he was sitting against and peppered his barracks, cot and jeep. As he says, "Sometimes luck is with you".

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Float bridge we put in at Ben Luc after the main bride was blown during TET "68.

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A and B Company troops driving perimeter/marker stakes?

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Traveling time - location and destination unknown

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1 - Air Cushion Vehicle
2&3 - HQ guys. Names unknown
4 - Civilian help entering Dong Tam

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1 - Dave wheeler and Stu Williams
2 - Brink Miller
3 - Brink Miller and Dick Scharf

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The innocent victims of War

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