Ron Titus and Gary Hunt
E Company Photos 1967

 There are 34 photos from Ron Titus and Gary Hunt shown on the following two pages. The first page are photos of the E Company area at Bear Cat, 1967 and some of the guys. The second page contains additional photos of Ron and Gary.

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Ron and Gary at Bear Cat, 1967

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Remember the Mess Hall - guess the VC didn't like the food either
The last two photos a roof repair on the Mess Hall

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Alternative to the Mess Hall - click the photos to get the names

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1 - 3 The bunker line at Bear Cat
4 & 5 Monsoon

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1 - Motor Pool  2 - Chinook pad  3 - Bridge yard
4 - Tank  5 - E Company

Ron Titus transferred from the 175th Engineer Company, 196th Light Infantry Brigade (along with 28 others) during March 1967. He has personally located 20 of the vets who transferred with him. The majority of the vets do not remember which company they were assigned to. Most only spent a few months with the 15th CEB.

Ron has forwarded the photo below trying to find additional information about the photo and the people in it.

The questions are: Does anyone know what function the Honor Guard were participating in? Was the Honor Guard from one company or where they selected from multiple companies? Neither Gary Chuich nor Edward Kolczak (identified in the photo below) remember to which company they were assigned.

Web Master note: Found out that Gary and Ed were in B Company.
Still trying to find out what ceremony the Honor Guard was for.

If anyone has information, please get in touch with Ron Titus.

Time frame is prior to July 1967
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Second from left and rolling the flag is Gary Chuich
Far right is Edward Kolczak

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