SSG James F. Bruce Sr (E9, Sergeants Major - Retired) has submitted 60 photos from 1967. Many names, equipment and locations. NEW Submitted 6/2013.

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  Kip Bonds served with E  company in 67/68 and has come up a few photos he would like to share. Submitted 6/22/12
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Photos from Richard Morrell (submitted 5/2005). He recognized the mess hall photos shown in the Ron Titus/Gary Hall photos below and has gotten in contact with Eddie Stancil.

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34 photos from 1967, forwarded by Ron Titus and Gary Hunt have been posted. Separate pages have been used to keep load times to reasonable.

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CPT Charles Mandelbaum, retired Colonel, CO E Company, 1967, has forwarded 11 photos which are published on a separate page.

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The photos below are courtesy of Don Wills 10/68 - 8/69

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Bill Welborn, Ira,  Don Wills     Brady Weller    Jerry Turner , Don Wills

E Co club that never got built    SteveWojoehowski, Brady Weller,Tony Wisnewski    Prayercard    Thanksgiving Menu 1968

The photos below are courtesy of Eddie Stancil
Echo Company - Oct. 66 through Oct. 67


Christmas 1966       Christmas Day - Bear Cat       Christmas Day
Christmas Day at Bear Cat 1966
If anyone recognizes a face, contact Eddie Stancil

Looking for the water skis        Donald Scott- Robert Bryant        John Gilbert-Eddie Stancil-Donald Scott
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The Children
The Children of War

Playing for c rat cigarettes     ? and Ken Ambrosiwhyz     Eddie and the Vampire
A few more unknown faces