Photos courtesy of Jack Brenton. Platoon Leader, A Company and Battalion S2

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1. Fort Riley, 1966. A Company street
2.Troop train from Ft. Riley to Oakland, CA. 9/29/66. 48 hour trip
3.The Daniel I. Sultan, 9/30/66. 19 days to Vietnam
4. Arrival at Vung Tau

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1. Aerial photo of Bear Cat, July 1967
2. Awards ceremony - September 1967? LTC Read presenting award to Jack Brenton. On Brenton's left, LT Forest Baker (deceased July 1999). On Brenton's right, SFC Gunn, the Battalion Sergeant Major
3. Plaque presented to Jack Brenton by the 15th CEB. Typical of a plaque received by all officers at the end of their tour. 


Willie Bitz ('68 - '69) has more than 35 photos (many from FSB Moore) he wished to share with us. To keep load times down his photos have been place on a separate pages.
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Below are some photos submitted by Bobby Kilgore. He will be submitting more shortly.

Got the climbing stuff on: where's a pole? Not you Dumbrowski!       Havin' fun. Let's see, connect the white to the black.

Seems one day in 1967 9th Signal was working near the Motor Pool and Bobby borrowed some gaffs and a safety from them. He climbed a few poles. Bob had worked for the local telephone company prior to his fully paid vacation in the resort world of Vietnam.

What? You want us fix something.

Some of the A Company Motor Pool gang. From left to right: SGT James Jenkins, Gary Strayer, next person possibly named Franklin and far right Jezercak.

Just hoping to make it back to the Great PX. Ken Pacyga in Bearcat?, 1967.
Photo courtesy of his wife Rita (via Bobby K.).
Ken was a 5-ton driver

Anthony LaRocca  Anthony LaRocca - no further info.
Appears to be a newspaper photo.

J. Small - Bearcat 1967?      J. Mills - Company d or E?
On the left Junior Small, E Company (1967?)
On the right James Mills, E Company (1967?)
Thanks to Eddie Stancil, E Co., for the information update (8/2/00).