Willie Bitz Photos Pg. 2

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Greg Morris at the Bob Hope Christmas show 1968

Web-WBFSBMooreEarly.jpg (26611 bytes)   Web-WBCanalFerry1.jpg (25465 bytes)   Web-WBMekongDelta'68'69.jpg (18538 bytes)   Web-WBRice.jpg (23349 bytes)
1. FSB Moore before construction began
2. Picture taken from ferry on canal
3. Somewhere in the Mekong Delta
4. Rice bucket that was carried by two Vietnamese

Web-WBCementMixerBitz.jpg (35301 bytes)   Web-WBReed-ThomasWiseHennenEdem.jpg (24854 bytes)   Web-WBDeanFallbeckMeyers.jpg (29304 bytes)   Web-WBCulvertHeaderBitz.jpg (33511 bytes)   Web-WBBunkerGuard.jpg (19776 bytes)
While not engaged in a mission - building FSB Moore
1. Willie Bitz and cement mixer
2. Building the mess hall - left to right: Reed, ?, Thomas,
John Hennen and Sgt. Edem
3. Dean Fallbeck and Meyers
4. Willie supporting a culvert header - let it go, it won't fall down
5. Prefabed guard house

Web-WBToolShedBunker.jpg (24270 bytes)
Small bunker for tools and supplies at Dong Tam

Below are some additional photos of the A Company guys

Web-WBUnruh.jpg (15611 bytes)   Web-WBRodriguez.jpg (21906 bytes)   Web-WBBitzLetter.jpg (25052 bytes)   Web-WBOlsonChapman-.jpg (24045 bytes)   Web-WBNoNames.jpg (23796 bytes)
1. Unruh
2. Rodriguez?
3. Willie Bitz writing a letter
4. Back to front: Ken Olson, Chapman and ?
5. Unknown names but faces recognized

Web-WBBitzJusticeJohnson.jpg (32832 bytes)   Web-WBPJ&Willie.jpg (39005 bytes)
1. Happy Hour - Bitz, Justice and Johnson
2. Paul Johnson and Willie - the smoking lamp is lit and the Ripple
is served

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