-Air Cushion Vehicles, 1969-

A Tour of Dong Tam
 by Robert Fisher

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1 - The Air Cushion Vehicle Unit (ACV) area was in the SE sector of Dong Tam near the east perimeter
2 -ACV 901 was being used, after irreparable damage to its lift propeller and housing, to scavenge parts for the other two operational ACVs
3 - ACV 903 sitting on jacks getting its nose skirt repaired
4 - ACV 902 rest on the ground in operation trim. 902 was the only ACV with a bow mounted grenade launcher

All views are generally north to northwest - February 1969

By August 1969 the Air Cushion Vehicle Unit was reassigned to the 3rd Brigade as the 39th Cavalry Platoon (Air Cushioned Vehicle)

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