Dong Tam
9th ID Base Camp

-August 1968 - August 1969-

Courtesy of Robert Fisher, DISCOM (1/69 - 8/69)
 -A Tour of Dong Tam-
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Aerial Photos

The Navy Basin and the Mobile Riverine Force

Aviation Units - Page 1
Aviation Units - Page 2

Air Cushion Vehicles (ACVs)

Night Probe 2/23/69

Ammo Dump Explosion 3/26/69 - Photos taken 3/27/69
CPT Tom Newsham (CO, B Company, 15th CEB) photos of the Ammo Dump Explosion and the Sniper Range

DISCOM (Division Support Command) and 9th ID HQ


Most of the BW photos below are courtesy of CWO Grimur "Mac" Magnusson

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Dong Tam Looking SW    Dong Tam Looking South    Dong Tam Looking South
The left and right photos were taken by Robert Fisher who was a member of the 9th ID Band.
The color photo, on the right, was taken on 7 April 1969 while Robert was on his way to FSB Schroeder to play for the 2nd/39th.
The B&W photo on the left was taken on 1 April 1969 while Robert was on his way to FSB Moore to participate in a memorial service for the 15th Combat Engineers.

Rocket Attack 23 Feb 1969
23 February 1969 rocket attack. This photo is of the fixed wing  fuel depot.
Again, thanks to Robert Fisher.

Various aerial views of Dong Tam, 8 July 1968.

Air Strip and Basin    Dong Tam Looking North    Dong Tam Looking SW    Dong Tam Looking East
The photo second from the left shows the 15th CEB compound just above the center. See the close-up below.

15th CEB Compound
15th Combat Engineer Battalion Compound - Looking North
A Company is in the upper left. B Company second from the left.
D Company is in the lower left.


Photos below courtesy of CWO Grimur "Mac" Magnusson

Headquarters: Col. Loper & SGM Gonzales    Looking from S4 to A&B Companies   Looking from Motor Pool at BOQ and bunker   5 ton moving out
Photos of the15th Combat Engineer Battalion compound at Dong Tam


Motor Pool with Flame APCs   Motor Pool   Air Boat on trailer   Boston Whalers
LEFT: Two color photos of the Motor Pool
RIGHT: B&W photos of an Airboat and Boston Whalers

WebDongTamFull.jpg (75003 bytes)    webDongTamMedium.jpg (27374 bytes)    WebDongTamClose.jpg (35476 bytes)
Dong Tam along the Song My Tho
Thanks to James A Stone (E, 2/39) for the map.

Three views of the same map. Wording on the leftmost map will be near impossible to read, it is mainly used here as a reference.