Ammo Dump Explosion
- 3/26/69-

A Tour of Dong Tam
 by Robert Fisher

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1 - South of the Navy Basin with part of the ammo dump berm in view. Looking NE. 3/27/69
2 - The site of the 1968 Bob Hope Christmas show littered with shell fragments. The location on Dong Tam is in question. It may be the same location as other major USO shows, which would put the location just north of the Navy Basin. Looking SW. 3/27/69
3 - Location in question. The water shown in the photo should be the Navy Basin. Looking SW. 3/27/69
4 - The Navy helipad (Squadron HA(L)-3 Seawolves) north of the ammo dump and possibly east of the Navy Basin. Looking W. 3/26/69

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1 - View from the club house atop the DISCOM (Division Support Command) club house the morning after the ammo dunp was blown. The MPs had set up roadblocks and the troops queued up are trying get closer to view the destruction from the ammo dump blowing up. The Navy Basin, which normally has numerous Navy gunboats and transports has been cleared of vessels - probably overnight. Looking SE. 3/27/69
2 - More destruction due to the ammo dump explosion. 3/27/69

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