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A Tour of Dong Tam
 by Robert Fisher

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1 - Entrance to the 9th Aviation Battalion area. Looking N. 4/69
2 - "Huey" #17063 from D Troop, 3/5th Cavalry Squadron boarding members of the 9th ID Band. Three Hueys where needed to lift the entire band. Looking S. 2/69
3 - Huey from the 214th CAB lifting off. Abandoned PSP reinforced bunker on the original north berm is in the foreground. Looking S. 2/69
4 - "Eagle Flight" returning to Dong Tam. From the 214th CAB (Combat Aviation Battalion). View from the original north berm, mid field, looking east. 3/69

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1 - Believed to be the 9th Aviation Battalion hanger and maintenance area. Looking W. 4/69
2 - According to the "Old Reliable" weekly newspaper, Company A,"Jayhawks", 9th Aviation Battalion, operated two fixed wing U-6A "Beavers" and one CH-47 "Chinook" in addition to other Hueys (Slicks) and LOH (Loach's). Looking  W. 5/69
3 - Chinook from the 242nd Assault Support Helicopter Company. Looking NE. 4/69
4 - 9th Aviation Battalion LOH-6A (Loach) lifting off from Dong Tam. Two well kept 1/4 ton Jeeps bearing the designation "9-9SPT" on their bumpers. The lead vehicle has HQ-6 on its bumper. The sign by the 55 gallon drum has posted -
Caution - Drivers! Headlights Off! Blackout Lights On! Looking N. 4/69

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1 - General view of the helo area at the north end pf Dong Tam. Looking N. 4/69
2 - Huey AH-1G "Cobra". Looking NE. 4/69
3 - CH-54 Skycrane from the 273rd Heavy Helicopter Company out of Long Binh. Looking SW. 4/69
4 - CH-47 Chinook lifts off. Looking SE. 7/69

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1 - Huey AH-1G "Cobra" lifting off from Dong Tam. Looking S. 7/69
2 - The monsoon rains have taken their toll. The north berm erosion is evident. Looking S. 5/69
3 - A HQ 3/39th Infantry 3/4 ton truck at the entrance to one of the helo flight lines. The 162nd Combat Aviation Battalion helicopters still retain the tailboom designation of the 11th Combat Aviation Battalion. They have recently been transferred to the 214th CAB. Looking N. 4/69
4 - Two gunships "smoke" a sniper hiding in the tree line north of Dong Tam. Looking N. 6/69

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