Over 100 photos from Tom Jackson, 1st Platoon 1966/1967 with 2/60th Infantry Battalion. Bailey bridge construction photos and much more

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Over 50 photos from Bill Potts 1967/1969. Many troop photos.

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Courtesy of Terry Gordon who was with A Company during mid 1969 and then assigned to C Company at Tan An as the 15th Combat Engineers prepared to leave Vietnam. C Company was re-designated as the 571st Engineers during mid 1969.

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C Company, 1st Platoon, 1967, 1968. Located at Tan Tru and later at Tan An.
Courtesy of SFC
Carter Glass (retired 1968)

WCG1-GlassTanTru.jpg (31089 bytes)   WCG2-60thInf.jpg (21940 bytes)   WCG3-DailyRoadCLRG.jpg (10466 bytes)   WCG4-GlassMine_booby.jpg (35636 bytes)
1. Tan Tru, 1st Platoon area
2. 60th Infantry security detail
3. Daily road clearing - M60 on hood of jeep
4. Mine and booby trap clearing - Tan Tru, 1967

WCG5-GlassTanAn.jpg (32501 bytes)   WCG6-NoBridge.jpg (20735 bytes)   WCG7-1stPltPrep.jpg (31175 bytes)   WCG8-BreakFromLC.jpg (17957 bytes)
1. Tan An, 1968
2. Charlie blew the bridge
3. 1st Platoon preparing demo charges
4. A break from clearing detail

WCG9-TruckLandMine.jpg (25635 bytes)   WCG10-NCOClubTanAn.jpg (30172 bytes)   WCG11-RoadCrater.jpg (19972 bytes)   WCG12-CCompanyOrderlyRoom.jpg (27155 bytes)
1. What was left of 1st squad truck after command detonated mine
2. NCO club at Tan An,1968 - LT Kaye F. Scott and SGT Glass
3. Filling crater in road after command detonated mine exploded
4. C Company orderly room, Tan An, summer 1968

WCG13-PltMemebers.jpg (30526 bytes)   WCG14-1stPltArea.jpg (21309 bytes)   WCG15-SFCGiuan.jpg (28027 bytes)   WCG16-LtMayo.jpg (36530 bytes)
1. 1st platoon - Freddie Ford, KIA 1/7/68
2.1st Platoon area, Tan Tru, 1967, 1968
3. SFC Frank Giuan. WIA early 1968. Bridge site at Tan Tru, 1967
4. LT Mayo and SGT Glass- Plt Ldr/Plt Sgt, 1st platoon, Tan Tru bridge site 1967

WCG17-Big CookOut.jpg (28429 bytes)   WCG18-OutDoorPlumbing.jpg (26069 bytes)   WCG19-TanTruBridge.jpg (21881 bytes)   WCG20-OpeningTanTruBridge.jpg (37031 bytes)
1. 1st platoon cookout Christmas eve 1967, Tan Tru. Freddie Ford (KIA 1/7/68)
2. Outdoor latrine did have lights - so you could view the profuse fauna that resided in the cut down 55 gallon drums - great study of maggots
3. 1st Platoon members crossing the new Tan Tru bridge
4. SFC Glass at the opening of the Tan Tru bridge, 1967

WCG21-Shower.jpg (24969 bytes)   WCG22-BridgeArticleStars&Stripes.gif (27316 bytes)
1. 1st platoon shower - homemade
2. News article in Stars and Stripes

C Company, 2nd platoon - early 1968

Web-c0mpany.jpg (14634 bytes)          Web-todd.jpg (11418 bytes)          Web-4cmen.jpg (10389 bytes)

SSG Todd, pictured above, was killed in an
ambush 2/28/68.

The only name given for the four pictured above is
Lawrence (first/last name?) for the vet on the left.

- Courtesy of Paul Kasper -

C Company ('67- early '68)

C company was (1967-early 68) working at several locations: Rach Kien, Can Giouc, Tan An Airstrip (helo’s only at that time) doing the road clearing/repair, building bunkers, berms, adding buildings and assisting with building large and small bridges around their area.

Lt Bugni was in charge at Tan An airstrip, with SSgt Jimmie Todd (KIA Feb 28, 1968-ambushed during a road clearing)

Please send your name in to be added to the list of personnel assigned to C company. If you remember any other locations or information, feel free to send it to the