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Terry Gordon

Terry Gorgon was in A Company during 1969 and was reassigned to C Company at Tan An prior to the 15th Engineers leaving Vietnam on 24 August 1969. C Company was re-designated as the 571st Engineers and assigned to the 3rd Brigade, 9th Infantry Division. The 3rd Brigade, 9th ID (attached to the 25th Infantry Division) remained in Vietnam until October 1970.

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1 - With A Company south of Dong Tam June 1969
2 - From the time with the 571st. The three on the left - SGT Wiese, Tony Overton (Big "O") and John Cawley. Terry Gordon in the middle. Pedro Rivera and Steve Weckeman on the right
3 - Tan An airfield
4 - Tan An. Looking to the rear. With the 571st Engineers

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1 - Looking to the rear of Tan An
2 - Again, looking to the rear of Tan An
3 - June 1969 at Dong Tam. Name unknown.
4 - Outside the front gate of Tan An 

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1 - Dustoff helo pad at Tan An
2 - Unknown person with monkey at Tan An. The smiling dog at the lower left is picturing a "monkey" sandwich coming up.
3 - Steve Weckeman on the left with Terry Gordon. Tan An motor pool.
4 - Unknown troop behind Terry at the Tan An motor pool.

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1 - Water buffalo outside of Tan An
2 - "Pappasan", Plt Sgt, A Company, June 1969. Name forgotten.
3 - Somewhere outside of Dong Tam, June 1969. His name was "Shorty."
4 - Show at Tan An. Mid to late 1969?

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