Division Support Command
And 9th ID HQ

A Tour of Dong Tam
 by Robert Fisher

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1 - Chinook landing to pick-up the 9th ID Band. The vet who has his back showing in the photo is CWO-3 Earl W. Jones - who was the Bandmaster for the 9th ID Band. Looking S. 2/69
2 - The parade grounds in front of the 9th ID Headquarters. The occasion was an awards ceremony honoring the Division Command Sergeant Major. Looking N. 3/4/69
3 - Also on the parade grounds in front of Division HQ. The occasion is the awarding of the Unit Citation Streamer for the Republic of Vietnam Cross of Gallantry with Palm and the Unit Citation Streamer for the Civic Action Medal w/Oak Leaf. MG Harris W. Hollis also received the Republic of Vietnam Cross of Gallantry w/Palm and the Civic Action Medal - First Class. Looking NW. 6/5/69
4 - Division Support Command (DISCOM) facilities. The truss like structure, in the middle of the photo, supports several layers of PSP and sand bags to protect the DISCOM Battalion Commander Arthur P. Hanket's mobile home. The DISCOM HQ officers all lived in fortified structures. The DISCOM barracks are to the left and the HQ and Mess to the right.

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1 - There were four two-story barracks in the DISCOM area. The barracks pictured was the barracks for the 9th ID Band. The other three barracks housed HHC personnel. The top floor of one of the barracks was used as a Batchelor Officer Quarters (BOQ). All barracks were sand bagged to a height of 4 feet. Looking S. 4/69
2 - The DISCOM Mess Hall - named Cal's Place. It contained a kitchen, Officers/VIP eating area and a rank and file eating area. Looking W. 4/69
3 - The USAF housed a few crews and weathermen on the NE corner of the DISCOM area. The USAF crews ate at the DISCOM Mess but had their own barracks and bunker. The building behind the barracks with the civilian vehicle adjacent to it was "Charlie the Gook's" civilian gift shop. The vehicle assigned to the USAF had to be the cleanest Deuce-and-a-half on Dong Tam. Looking NW. 4/69
4 - DISCOM EM latrine at the north end of the DISCOM area. The large corregated shed is the shop area for HHC and the Band. It also housed the DISCOM motor pool run by the 709th Maintenance Battalion. Looking S. 5/69

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1 - The DISCOM area entranceway located between the USAF barracks and the mess hall. Looking N. 5/69
2 - The bleachers in front of the bandstand at DISCOM - a hangout for the 9th ID Band. 2/23/69
3 - The Band flying out to a FSB. Looking SW. 5/69
4 - The 9th ID Band and Division Color Guard representing all Brigades at an awards ceremony at Division HQ. Looking SW. 7/5/69

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