SSG James F. Bruce

(Retired E9, Sergeants Major) Photos
E Company 1966-7

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1: E Company NCOs: SFC Strickland; PSG Moore; 1SGDobbs. SSG Bruce, last row 3rd from right next to SSG Jenes, SSG Whitehead and SGT Rinehardt
2: SSG Bruce and SSG Martin receiving award from CPT McGee and 1SG Crowder
3: Bridge Section SGT: SSG  Jenes from Security,  Colorado
4: 1st Platoon: SFC Strickland, SSG Bruce is in the 1st row second from left, SSG Jenes behind him
5: Three infantry troops attached to E Company receive award from their Company Commander. E Company CO, CPT McGee and 1SG Crowder watching

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1: SSG Martin, Mess SGT
2: SGT Harry Feick
3: SSG Tuttle, AVLB Platoon
4: SP4 Bill Minney - 27 ft Boat operator

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1: 1LT Bruce Peterson, PLT LDR, M4 Floating Dock
2: SFC Moore, PLT SGT
3: SGT Sisk
4: Convoy run
5: Jeep driver

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1: E Company motor pool, SSG Bruce
2: Preparing to load for convoy to Dong Tam
3: SGT James Hurley, training South Vietnamese on assault boats
4: SSG Bruce (no shirt) training 18th ARVN in Xuan Loc on M2 Bailey Bridge
5: E Company motor pool area at Bearcat

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1: SSG O'Neil (no shirt) training 18th ARVN on Bailey Bridge
2: SSG Bruce jeep with gunner
3: SSG Bruce's jeep being worked on
4: SSG Bruce
5: Driver and mechanic working on jeep

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1: At M4 Balk Floating Dock
2: Construction of M4 dock
3: SP4 Bill Minney training ARVNs
4: SSG Jenes
5: SSG Bruce on M4


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