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Membership FAQs

Who can become a member of SONID? Any veteran who served in the 9th Infantry Division during any of its activations is eligible for membership. Also, any veterans of units that were attached to the 9th Infantry Division during a time of war (4/6/17-11/11/18; 12/7/41-12/31/46; 6/27/50-1/31/55; 2/28/61-5/7/75;8/2/90-no end date) can also become a member.

Why should I join the Society of the 9th Infantry Division (SONID)? Let us state first what SONID is not: it is not a political organization. There will be an annual reunion, a quarterly newsletter and some 9th specific pins and apparel. Actually, SONID's main purpose for its existence is to honor our 9th vets who gave their lives for our country and keep the honor and camaraderie of all living 9th vets alive.

Are there 9th veterans who need not pay dues? Yes, recipients of the Medal of Honor (while serving with the 9th ID) and 9th veterans classified by the VA with an 80% or greater disability.

What's up with requiring us to submit our DD214 to join SONID? The IRS can audit SONID at any time and we need to be able prove that SONID meets the IRS veteran membership requirements of IRC 501(c)(19).

Mobile Riverine Force Association (MRFA) FAQs

I am a member of the MRFA - why should I even consider becoming a member of SONID? There is no reason for you to join SONID unless you see something that SONID has to offer you. The MRFA is a magnificent organization and they will continue serve the Mobile Riverine Force veterans as well as 9th ID Vietnam veterans who never served in TF117. SONID is open to all 9th ID vets who served during any 9th ID activations.

What is SONID's relationship with the MRFA? There is no formal relationship other than we keep in close contact to try and make sure that SONID does not cause problems or alienate 9th ID vets. The MRFA has appointed one of their members as a SONID Board Member - per SONID's By-Laws.


2003 SONID Reunion FAQs

What's gives with having SONID's first reunion at the MRFA reunion this summer? SONID needed to have a reunion as early as possible to vote in the Constitution and By-Laws as well as elect Officers and Board Members. Putting together a separate SONID reunion without knowing who might attend was one reason. Another is that it takes significant time and effort to organize a reunion. One step at a time. The MRFA is aware we will hold our first SONID reunion at the MRFA reunion 27-31 August 2003 and has offered SONID some help.

Why do I have to become a member of the MRFA and pay the MRFA registration fee to attend the SONID reunion - you've got to be kidding? That is correct. The MFRA used their time and effort to organize their reunion. In reality SONID is a guest of the MRFA and as guests SONID members will become MRFA members and pay the MRFA registration fee required to attend SONID's first reunion.

Nomination and Elections FAQs

Okay Einstein, the SONID governing documents state that any nominee for a SONID Board of Officer position must have been minimally a member of SONID for the last 12 months. Ah, how can anyone be nominated for a Board or Officer position since SONID membership just opened 2/2/03? Good point! There are two scenarios which negate this as an issue. First, the SONID Constitution and By-Laws contains a waiver at the very end of the By-Laws so that SONID can operate to the best of its ability within the governing documents (between 1/1/03 and 8/28/03). Secondly, the membership has not voted the SONID Constitution and By-Laws into effect and will not do so until 28 August 2003. Today the SONID Constitution and By-Laws will be adhered to with the exception of where time limitations are impossible to enforce.

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