Society of the 9th Infantry Division


Before the current 9th Infantry Division Society there was

SONID - Society of the 9th Infantry Division

Below are a few links to the original SONID website from 2003

The webmaster was the founder of SONID which begot the 9th Infantry Division Society

Constitution and By-Laws - As of 12/03

Officer and Board of Director Positions - 30 August 2003

Membership - As of 29 December2003

Poems by Michael Marks SONID's Poet Laureate

SONID Newsletter #1

2003 MRFA/SONID Reunion Photos

SONID History


-The 9th Infantry Division-


A Brief History of the 9th Infantry Division (COL Karl Lowe)

9th Division Unit Assignments in Vietnam

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12 Publications OCTOFOIL of the Division in Vietnam

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50th Anniversary Poster - Vietnam Era
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Much More to Follow

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