Ft. Rucker, Alabama

January 2001 - Courtesy of Paul Kasper

Paul and his family visited his brother (USA Retired) and forwarded some photos. Ft. Rucker is home to the US Army helicopter school and MP school. Ft. Rucker houses the most extensive rotary/fixed wing museum in the Army. Some photos were taken by Paul and some are from postcards that he purchased at the museum Gift Shop. Click on any photo to enlarge - Enjoy.

Web-PKfr2.jpg (24937 bytes)U.S. Army Aviation Museum at Ft. Rucker houses one of the world's most comprehensive collections of fixed and rotary wing aircraft. The museum is open to the public at no charge.

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The Ft. Rucker Aviation museum entrance

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1. - Statues of pilots representing WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Grenada and Desert Storm.
2. - Vietnam "Wall" memorial in the museum.

UHWeb-PKfr7.jpg (33214 bytes)-1 Huey
The Vietnam battle-proven Huey represents the largest Army aircraft procurement. Serving for over 35 years the Huey served as a troop carrier, Medivac helo, armed fighter and advanced training aircraft.

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Mock-up of an insertion - the two children are Paul's

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Mock-up of a Huey crash site with an OH-6 circling.
The hat in the center photo is Paul's 9Th ID hat with MRFA pin.
Mock-up of medivac (Dust-off) Vietnam.

Web-PKfr6.jpg (28890 bytes)AH-1 Cobra
A multi-role and Vietnam battle-proven attack helicopter. Armed with rockets, automatic grenade launcher and mini-guns, it was awesome to behold when making a close-in support run.

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1. The backbone of the Army aviation in Vietnam. The Cobra and Huey.
2. Sky Crane for moving heavy equipment.
3 and 4 - Spotter plane (birddog) set up in the bush.

Some museum displays that honor the Korean War aircraft and the vets who fought there

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1 and 2 -  Jeep and howitzer in heavy lift helo.
3 and 4 - Medivac in Korea

To see photos of current Army equipment (the Huey and Cobra still are in inventory) go to Ft. Rucker Page 2