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For most of us viewing these pages, 30 plus years have passed and many weapons we fought with have been replaced or improved. The Cobra and Huey are still with us but have been mostly replaced by the Apache and Blackhawk. The M16 is still the main battle rifle but the M79 grenade launcher is now an attached weapon on a variant of the current M16. The M60 has been replaced by the SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon). The M14, that may of us trained on, still exists but mostly in the various Special Forces units or as a sniper weapon. The M1911A1 (45 Caliber automatic - last purchased by the Armed Forces in 1945) was replaced by the M9 Beretta in 1985.

We have also been replaced.

So what is new - at least to us?

Web-PKfr8.jpg (26998 bytes)AH-64A Apache
With its impressive armament and all-weather, low level, state-of-the-art fire control system, the Apache is regarded as the most lethal helicopter in existence.
Equipped with Hellfire missiles and advanced target acquisition, the Apache is an exceptionally effective tank killer.

Web-PKfr4.jpg (28587 bytes)The armament capabilities of the Apache include Sidewinder and Sidearm (far left and right). Mistral air-to-air missiles (foreground). 1,200 rounds of 30mm; 76 2.75inch rockets; 16 Hellfire missiles on inboard pylons; wingtip mounted Stinger air-to-air missiles along with external mounted fuel tanks.

Web-PKfrp7.jpg (36808 bytes)
Mock-up of Apache maintenance in Ft Rucker Aviation museum

Web-PKfr9.jpg (33125 bytes)OH-58 Kiowa
Fast and highly maneuverable, the multi-use Kiowa operates with the air cavalry, attack helicopters and the artillery for reconnaissance and target acquisition. The OH-58D is equipped with TV or thermal imaging systems for day or night target acquisition.

Some additional equipment and personnel

Web-PKfr13.jpg (31654 bytes)   Web-PKfr11.jpg (34682 bytes)   Web-PKfr14.jpg (38520 bytes)   Web-PKfr12.jpg (41924 bytes)
1. - Abrams M-1A1 - main battle tank
2. - M109 self propelled 155mm howitzer
3. - M113A2 APC
4. - Abrams

Web-PKfr10.jpg (25278 bytes)   Web-PKfr15.jpg (38035 bytes)   Web-PKfr16.jpg (23935 bytes)   Web-PKfrp14.jpg (15757 bytes)
1. - Black Hawk insertion
2. - 7th Air Cavalry on night maneuvers
3. - C-141 paradrop - airborne Pathfinders
4. - VTRs and tanks at Ft. Rucker

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