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Web-TNBulldogBadge.jpg (17291 bytes)
The B Company "Bravo Bulldogs" pocket patch
courtesy of Tom Newsham (B Company CO, 68,69)

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35mm still camera film holders from Vietnam
courtesy of Bob Fisher, DISCOM/9th ID Band, 1969


The following have been submitted by Carter L. Glass (SFC - retired, 1968).
SFC Glass was the Platoon Sergeant for C Company, 1st Platoon 1967-1968.
He was also Acting First Sergeant for C Company for two months prior to his DEROS and retirement in August 1968.
SFC Glass is also a Korean War veteran
SFC Glass sent e-mail (5/5/02) about his recent reunion with the 187th RCT, 101st Airborne Division. Click HERE to view the e-mail or just scroll to the end of this page to view it.

WCGVCCeaseFire1967-1-2.jpg (38028 bytes)   WCGVCCeaseFire1967-2-2.jpg (40967 bytes)
Orders from the Liberation Peoples Armed Forces (LPAF).
Suspension of Military Attacks for Christmas, New Years and the Lunar New Year 1967 into 1968

WCGVCHandout1-2.jpg (70543 bytes)   WCGVCHandout2-2.jpg (53891 bytes)
Folded VC propaganda pamphlet.
The right scan is of the front and back page. The left scan is of pages 2 and 3.

WCGVCRacialHandout.jpg (59012 bytes)
VC propaganda handout with a racial focus

web-RogersRulesSide1.jpg (49560 bytes)     web-RogersRulesSide2.jpg (50719 bytes)
Standing Orders, Rogers Rangers
Distributed by USARV, September 1967
Courtesy of Steve Crecy, E Company, HHC Platoon

Courtesy of Ron Titus as forwarded to him by Burcham

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1. 9 Rules of Conduct in Vietnam - MACV
2, Code of Conduct - US Army
3. Geneva Convention and Vietnamese Phrases
4. Additional Geneva Convention information

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1. Care of your M16
2. Not sure what it is - published by The National Peace Democratic Union
3. Safe Conduct Pass for VC and NVA
4. Ho Chi Minh New Years message - not dated

From: Carter L.Glass []

5 May 2002

The 59th Anniversary Celebration of the 187th Airborne Regimental Combat Team:
Every year members of the 187th RCT come together at Fort Campbell and Hopkinsville, KY to celebrate and remember the activation of their unit, better known since 1950 as "The Rakkasans".
2002 marks the 59th year that the regiment has been on the active duty rolls. Since 25 February 1943, the regiment has never been de-activated, and is now serving proudly as The Rakkasan Regiment, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) in "Operation Enduring Freedom" in Afghanistan. The young troops of the Rakkasan Regiment 101st A/B Div.(Air Assault) have taken up the torch that former members have passed to them, and are carrying on the tradition of the regiment.
A few years ago, the commanding officer of the regiment gave the veterans of the Korean War era the name "Golden Rakkasans". We are proud to wear this name, which strengthens the existing bond between the young troops and the veterans.
Our motto, "NE DESIT VIRTUS" (Let valor not fail), is the same today as it has been for 59 years, and will inspire all Rakkasans wherever they may be when called upon to serve their country.
In 1948, I joined the 187th regiment in Japan and served in HQ Co.,3rd Bn S-2 section until 1951. While there I made some friends for life, and our relationship  has grown stronger with each passing year. This year was very special for me, since a very good friend from Florida joined us, whom I have not seen since I rotated from Korea in 1951. Needless to say, we had lots to talk about and years to catch up on. Now with the help of our computers we are in touch quite often, and the age-old question  "do you remember?" comes up frequently in our e-mails.
Eleven members and their wives from the original unit of the 1st and 3rd Bns (1951) were present at our reunion and did we ever have a good time ! Maybe by next year we can find more members. As you know, finding people is a long and hard process, but we won't give up.
I returned from Korea in 1951 and was again assigned to the 11th AB Division, Ft. Campbell, KY. I served as Platoon Sgt. in "C" Co,1st Platoon, 188th Inf. Regt. Being a new E-6 was a very big change for me, since I had never held a command position of this "magnitude". So I grabbed the tiger by the tail and did my job. After 4 months we received the "Division Best Platoon Award". In October 1951,only the 1st Bn., 188th AIR were the first troops selected to participate in the Atomic Bomb Test in Nevada, as our Government's "Guinea Pigs" . Dave Fish, a member of the Platoon, and his wife Amy  were my gracious hosts, when on my trip to Fort Campbell I stopped at their home in Erin, TN for a wonderful  get-together, after 49 years. Now we can keep in touch via e-mail.
This year, Co. "C", 1st Bn, 188th AIR will meet in upstate New York, so far 30 members will attend this reunion. I am sorry to say that I will be unable to be there, but I have made plans for next year.
A long time ago it was said that if a man had one friend he was rich, if he had many he was blessed. I am one of the blessed ones, since I have friends in many units in which I have served, and am still in contact with them.
If you have some spare time, think of some of the guys you have served with, and search for them. You will be surprised by the results. Computers make it relatively easy to do research on units and individuals and find their addresses.
Hang in there and keep trying !
Carter L. Glass, USARET
DMOR 187th Inf

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