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Challenge Coin - 9th ID - Vietnam

15th Challenge Coin Front        15th Challenge Coin Back
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Challenge Coin - 15th CEB/9th ID - 1990
Courtesy of SFC Brian Cracchiola
Given to him by the Bn SGT Major prior to leaving for Saudi.

E Company AVLB patch    The unofficial shoulder patch worn by the Armored Vehicle Launched Bridge platoon of E Company, 15th CEB. Courtesy of Hamilton "Horse" Horsman, Tank Commander, AVLB.

 1967 - 1968.

Web(2)Crest&CorpRed.jpg (19321 bytes)        WebGoldCrest&CorpWith 15th.gif (10510 bytes)
Two insignia created by the web master for use on this site

9th ID Shoulder Patch   9th ID patch image   9th ID Shoulder Patch Cammo   9th ID pin 1966-1969
Items scanned from the web master's personal collection

Flame Platoon Pocket Patch     Land Clearing Platoon & Academy Patches

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dragon.jpg (9673 bytes)        500p     WebMPC.jpg (27570 bytes)     MACV card

The above courtesy of Paul Kasper


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