C Company, 15th Engineer Battalion
World War I
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web-Passenger-list-1.jpg (64991 bytes)      web-Passenger-list-2.jpg (78148 bytes)      web-Passenger-list-3.jpg (54888 bytes)
C Company passenger list for the SS Baltic out of New York, 9 July 1917

web-Gazette-Times-Baltic.jpg (145663 bytes)
Returning to the USA 28 April 1919 aboard the Santa Clara

web-Fifth-Ave--Pittsburgh.jpg (110796 bytes)
The 15th Engineers marching down 5th Avenue, Pittsburgh

web-Reunion--Front.jpg (50995 bytes)      web-Reunion--Back.jpg (50597 bytes)      web-Reunion--p1.jpg (56736 bytes)      web-Reunion-p2.jpg (32101 bytes)
Photos 1 and 2: Front and back of the C Company 1969 Reunion invitation
Photos 3 and 4: Itinerary and officers

web-memorial-6-3-1973.jpg (12222 bytes)      web-memorial-c1970---2.jpg (10924 bytes)      web-memorial-c1970---3.jpg (11279 bytes)
Photo 1 - 6/3/73 at the Oakmont Plaza (PA Turnpike) Memorial to the 15th Engineers service during WWI.
Photos 2 and 3 - Circa 1970 at the Memorial
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