Night Probe

A Tour of Dong Tam
 by Robert Fisher

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1- Night probe on the eastern berm 2/23/69. Perimeter guards have popped illumination. The wind was westward and the flares drift back over Dong Tam. Notice that the lights are still on. Looking NW.
2 - Although not visible in the photo, gunfire has started, the siren wails an alert and Dong Tam has gone dark. Red and green tracers crisscross each other and occasionally ricochet high into the dark night's sky. Looking NW.
3 - The air traffic control tower at the Reliable fixed wing runway. This runway was just above the Navy Basin and adjacent to the Kinh (Canal) Xang near the western perimeter of Dong Tam. The tank shown to the left in the photo was hit by a 122mm rocket the night before. Looking SW. 2/24/69.
4 - The fuel tank mentioned in - 3 - above during the night of 2/23/69. Looking SW.

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1 - The fuel tank mentioned above. That is Bob Fisher on the ladder. Bob is 6' 2". Photo taken by SP4 Larry D. Wolf using Bob Fisher's camera. 2/24/69
2 - The remains of the fuel storage depot. Looking SW. 2/24/69
3 - The remains of another tank. Looking NW. 2/24/69.
4 - Another tank showing buckled plates. Most (all?) fuel tanks were cocooned in an outer shell which was filled with dirt - the debris at the base of the tank is all that remains of this protective covering. Looking SW. 2/24/69

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1 - The entrance to the Blessed Sacrament Chapel. 2/24/69
2 - The interior of the Chapel. The mortar that hit the Blessed Sacrament Chapel exploded in the room behind the altar. 2/24/69.

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