2003 Reunion Photos

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London Hall (main meeting hall) panorama

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1. Weapons and memorabilia on display (many courtesy of Paul Kasper)
2. Mobile Museum Trailer
3&4. One of two ovens supplied b y Dean Ayres, 709th Maintenance BN for the Friday night Pig Roast. This was a labor of love for 9th ID vets by Dean Ayres. From Tuesday through Saturday, Dean was preparing the Friday night feast that all enjoyed. Most who ate this meal have no idea of the work needed to serve this meal. Dean was almost finished cleaning up by 4 PM Saturday. 
5. General view of the London Hall tables
6. One of the Mothers of our KIA being honored
7. Another Mother of our KIA being honored

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1. AK-47
2. M16
3. Thompson SMG
4. Hand held mine detector kit
The weapons were props but fooled many - they had the weight and basic functionality of the real weapons. Magazines, selector switches and bolts operated as you would expect. No firing pins and the fact that you could deflect the barrels slightly were the only real giveaways that these were props.

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Additional photos of the Mobile Museum

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Models of river craft used on the Mekong River on display

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Additional photos of the preparation for the Pig Roast. Dean Ayres is in photo 1 and 5 (left most person).
Photo 5 - after two days of preparation the rain begins just prior to serving the meal and the canopy is moved over the serving area. The current information is that over 400 pounds of meat was served. Quantity of corn-on-the-cob is unknown. The two ovens were trucked in by Dean. Two days of preparation and 1 day of clean-up. All of this was done at no cost to anyone - it was gratis thanks to Dean Ayres, 709th Maint. BN and 99th SB.



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