1st Platoon
Tom Jackson 11/66-9/67

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1 - C11 in background: adding abutment and ramp
2 - Jackson's truck, C12 at bridge
3 - Ben Luc bridge on HWY 1a 
4 - Ben Luc bridge, photo taken from Ben Luc
5 - First base camp after Bearcat

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1 - Lauro Estrada in tent; 2/60th 
2 - Tom Jackson at 2/60th base camp
3 - Same
4 - Bailey Bridge somewhere between Dong Tam and Tan An
5 -  Tom and Estrada filling sandbags at Dong Tam perimeter berm

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1 - Home in Dong Tam, lagoon in background (webmaster note: the lagoon became the Navy Turning Basin and home to the Navy's Task Force 117 which formed the Mobi;e Riverine Force with the 2nd Brigade, 9th Infantry Division)
2 - Dong Tam with dredge in background
3 - The making of Dong Tam By dredging the Song My Tho/Kin Zang junction
4 - Dredging output formed the earthen basis for Dong Tam Base Camp. During August 1968 Dong Tam took over from Bearcat as the main base camp for the 9th ID
5 - Arriving at Dong Tam, LCUs

Webmaster Note: The Mekong River flowed out of Cambodia into Vietnam as one river. It broke into nine (9) seperate rivers west of Cai Lai,VN and those rivers flowed to the South China Sea forming the Mekong Delta. The Song My Tho is the northern most branch where Dong Tam was built on it's northern bank at the Kinh Xang. "Song" means river and "Kinh" means canal.
For reference:
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Dong Tam - Song My Tho and Kinh Xang

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1 - Arriving in lagoon via Song My Tho/Kinh Xang junction
2 - Dismantling old French bridge that was over Kinh Xang at Song My Tho junction
3 - Adjacent to old French bridge
4 - Beginning of Dong Tam - early 1967
5 - Guard Duty at lagoon: note M14 rifle

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