Photos Courtesy of
Captain (Retired LTC) Tom Newsham

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Web-TN-MineSw-QL22.jpg (34962 bytes)   Web-TN-MineSw-Flame.jpg (27481 bytes)   Web-TN-MineSw-Prisoners.jpg (40070 bytes)
1. Early morning mine sweep heading north on QL22 (TL256 ??) to QL4
2. Flame APCs letting it rip during mine sweep - 300 gallons of napalm will cook your bacon
3. During morning mine sweep - two prisoners - no ID. B Company interpreter with back to camera and wearing black beret

Web-TN-BaileyB-1.jpg (25668 bytes)   Web-TN-BaileyB-2.jpg (28482 bytes)   Web-TN-BaileyB-3.jpg (33336 bytes)
Bailey bridge (B Company) that was installed during spring 1969 on the east side of Dong Tam. Trying to ease the problems of Ambush Alley.

Web-TN-Crash-1.jpg (43848 bytes)   Web-TN-Crash-2.jpg (56256 bytes)   Web-TN-Crash-3.jpg (54075 bytes)   Web-TN-Crash-4.jpg (45507 bytes)
Photos of single engine aircraft that augured in - the aircraft came almost straight down. B Company was sent in to recover the aircraft. As we hand cut our way with axes and machetes into the crash area, one of our guys whacked a hard wood tree with his machete and was greeted by a ball of fire ants. Have to say I have never seen a troop jump around and strip his cloths off as he did that day. Fire ants are more than annoying, they are extremely painful.

Web-TN-FAE-1.jpg (66071 bytes)   Web-TN-FAE.jpg (38983 bytes)
Seems B Company, 15th Engineers had it's own version of a mini "Daisy Cutter." Photos of CPT Tom Newsham and other 15th vets setting up a Fuel, Air, Explosive device (FAE) to clear some jungle.

Web-TN-POWStockade.jpg (42823 bytes)   Web-TN-S3Rocket.jpg (28087 bytes)
1. 9th ID POW stockade in Dong Tam. The POWs may not have liked being a prisoner of the 9th ID but they surely did not want be a prisoner of the South Vietnamese. Don't ask. Your webmaster had a chance to compare situations. There was no comparison.
2. 15th Engineer S3 took a mortar or rocket. Repairs under way

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