SSG (RET.) Stu Davis, 1968/1969
1st Platoon, 2nd Squad

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Recon Patrol - Composite
North of Dong Tam (9th Infantry Division HQ)
Mekong Delta

 Stu-41-StuEyeChaneyRTC.jpg (2799922 bytes)     Stu-47-StuComingOutJungle.jpg (3344990 bytes)     Stu-168-Patrol.jpg (2737692 bytes)     Stu-169-Patrol3.jpg (2855289 bytes)     Stu-170-Patrol4.jpg (2644368 bytes)
1 - Front to back: SGT Stu Davis, SP4 Eye (RTO), SGT Roy Chaney (Squad Leader, 1st Squad), 1LT Rich Coogan (Platoon Leader, 1st Platoon)
2 - SGT Stu Davis
3 - Front to back: Unknown, 1LT Coogan, SP4 Eye, SGT Chaney
4 - Unknown, 1LT Coogan
5 - Unknown

Stu-171-Patrol5.jpg (2909014 bytes)     Stu-172-Patrol6.jpg (2929775 bytes)     Stu-173-RTC-Eye-Chaney.jpg (2319192 bytes)     Stu-174-Patrol7.jpg (2565645 bytes)     Stu-175-Patrol8.jpg (2118161 bytes)
1 - Crossing Stream
2 - SP4 Eye - RTO (Radio Telephone Operator)
3 - Left to right: 1LT Coogan, SP4 Eye, Sgt Chaney
4 - Sgt Chaney hacking through undergrowth
5 - Unknown, RTO, Chaney

Stu-176-Chaney.jpg (1868225 bytes)     Stu-177-Patrol9.jpg (2033127 bytes)     Stu-178-Patrol10.jpg (2369458 bytes)     Stu-180-Patrol12.jpg (2471555 bytes)     Stu-181.jpg (2015918 bytes)
1 - SGT Chaney: Which way did they go?
2 - Can you find him?
3 - Unknown
4 - SGT Davis
5 - Unknown
Stu-182-Patrol13.jpg (2072569 bytes)     Stu183-Patrol14.jpg (2398076 bytes)     Stu-184-Chaney-Bradshaw.jpg (1817286 bytes)     Stu-185-Patrol15.jpg (2795903 bytes)     Stu186-Patrol16.jpg (2528993 bytes)
1 - SP4 Eye
2 - SGT Davis, SP4 Eye
3 - SGT Roy (Snake Man) Chaney, Bradshaw - Chaney liked to catch cobras and skin them
4 - SGT Davis (with knife), unknown, SGT Chaney searching suspicious pile
5 - Abandoned thatched building/dwelling

 Stu-188-Patrol17.jpg (2121937 bytes)     Stu-187-Patrol16.jpg (2682133 bytes)     Stu-189-Patrol18.jpg (2639280 bytes)     Stu-190-Patrol19.jpg (2872512 bytes)     Stu-191-Patrol20.jpg (1907642 bytes)
1 - SGT Davis searching storage bunker in abandoned building
2 - Another view
3 - Another building
4 - Eubanks?, 1LT Coogan, Sp4 Eye, SGT Chaney
5 - Another building with external bunker/storage

Stu-192-Patrol20.jpg (2471141 bytes)     Stu-32-Bunker.jpg (2765758 bytes)     Stu-33-FameAPC33.jpg (2661015 bytes)     Stu-34=PrepingC4.jpg (3017718 bytes)     Stu-36FlameAPC36.jpg (2736470 bytes)
1 - Unknown
2 - Bunker
3 - Up close of previous
4 - Eubanks, demo man, and Bradshaw prepping C4 explosive for bunker

Stu-37-FlameAPC37.jpg (2798984 bytes)     Stu-40-BunkerDozer.jpg (2415625 bytes)     Stu-43-LeavingM6043.jpg (2861562 bytes)     Stu-44-LunchBreak44.jpg (3319680 bytes)     Stu-45-SuperMuttDem0.jpg (3255741 bytes)
1 - Another bunker partially destroyed
2 - Another method of taking down a bunker
3 - Moving Squad main location. Unknown troops
4 - New location. SGT Chaney on two radios
5 - Platoon dog 'DEMO' guarding a roll of fuze

Stu-46-ReadyToHeadBack.jpg (3531269 bytes)     Stu-47-StuComingOutJungle.jpg (3344990 bytes)     Stu-194-boat-KinhXang.jpg (1572447 bytes)     Stu-198=Stu-Flag.jpg (1660806 bytes)     Stu-48=StickOfInfantry.jpg (3032470 bytes)
1 - Chaney foreground, unknown behind, Coogan with RTO?
2 - Davis?
3 = The VC periodically sent a love note via a small boat
4 - SGT Davis with flag from boat
5 - Slicks, with Infantry, returning to Dong Tam. Hard to get a dozer on a Slick - we took ground transportation

SGT Davis (SSG, ret) left Vietnam before the VC ambushed us along the Kinh (canal) Xang, pictured above. He was there when the Mobile Riverine Force came down the canal on their boats and raked us with small arms fire. He was also there when we took fire from the Division's Sniper Range which was about 1.5 miles to our south. There was also a road side Command Det mine left by the VC placed under the path we used to get into the area. Another small boat was sent down the canal by the VC which I blew apart with my M16 dislodging multiple paper VC flags of which I have one as did SGT Chaney.
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