Roll Call

Friends of the 15th Engineers and 
Unassigned 15th Veterans


Below are listed the 15th veterans we have no Company assignment for and the limited information we have for contacting them. Check your old orders for updated information and let the Webmaster know of new names. Critical information to locate members is Service Number, SSAN and Home of Record.
A blank space indicates we have no information.

There are 73 15th Combat Engineer names listed which we do not know to  which Company(s) they were assigned.

Last updated 22 May 2011


Friends of the 15th Engineers

Last Name First Name MI Gen Plt. Rank Comm'd E-mail Address UNIT Date State Zip Code
Yeater Louis D.     SP5  Track
 Mechanic 2nd/47th Battalion
9th Infantry Division
11/67-11/68 IA 52405


Unassigned 15th Veterans

Last Name First Name MI Gen Plt. Rank Comm'd E-mail Address Status Date State Zip Code
Anderson Curtis       SSG       67    
Anderson Steve                 NY 13838
Arellano Serafin                 NM 87124
Barnes Harry       SGT       67    
Bartlett(*) Donald               67    
Bruce         SSG       68    
Burgher         LT       68    
Capurro         LT       68    
Carey Kenneth                 MI 49444
Carpenter Robert L.               MA 01473
Cary (*) Kenneth             Sep-97      
Chuich Gary               67    
Conley Duane E.        
Connor Jesse                 WA 98444
Cooper Paul L.                  
Costner Ralph                 NC 28052
Daley Thomas H.               MA 01960
Demont Dwight T.             67    
Fields                 68    
Fortin Keith                    
Fraley Vaughn                 KY 40351
Frye Lonnie               66/67 IN 46917
Goetz Russel G.             67    
Green         SGT Tank Cmdr     68    
Gregory James D.             67    
Hansen         SP4       68    
Hasson Floyd               67    
Hauserman Joseph S.               PA 16053
Henson Timothy    5/68, 11/68    
Higgins Edward F.             67    
Inmon James                    
Karz James A     SP4       67    
Kelly Paul               67/69 LA 71473
King Harrison B. Sr.             TX 78222
Kolczak Edward               67    
Koons Dan                 IL 61722
Lawson Tony               68/69 CA 96113
Lovergine Rocco                    
Luffy Robert       1LT            
Mansfield Richard G.               OH  
Martin Richard J.             67    
Maxheimer         CPT       67    
Messenger Donald               67    
Metras Albert C.             67    
Miller David                 MI 48186
Mills Willis E.             69/70 IN 46163
Minikey Jack           jminikey@mynra,com   68/69    
Morris John M.             67    
Morrison Ed                    
Orlando(*) Daniel               67    
Pandis Randy                    
Parkin Frank                    
Pettis Ron               67    
Raido Kenneth               67    
Reed Eric C.             67    
Roebuck Mark                 MD 20901
Rohrbach Edward H.     SP4 CBT. Artist          
Roser Jack                 IL 61571
Rutzel Allen J.               MI 49424
Schmick Barry                 TX 78666
Schoonover Rex               66/67 OH 45804
Sears William                 AR 72921
Smith Edward D.             67    
Spears Steve         
Stewart         MAJ       68    
Tillman Walter J.               SC 29172
Tomkoe Joseph       SFC            
Villegas Pat         
Walker Harvey C. Jr.           67    
Wiekowski Joesph               68    
Workman Gregory                 Alaska  
Zimmerman Carl H.             67    

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