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Below are listed the HHC Company members we are aware of and the limited information we have for contacting them. Check your old orders for updated information and let the Webmaster know of new names. Critical information to locate members is Service Number, SSAN and Home of Record.
A blank space indicates we have no information.

There are 291 names listed for HHC Company.

Last updated 6 October 2002


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Last Name First Name MI Plt. Rank Comm'd E-mail Address Date State Zip
Aarmodt Michael                
Abbott Michael J.   SP5     68/69    
Aldridge Daniel E. HQ 1LT Batt. Commo Off.        
Allard     Engr. Eq. SP5 Engr Equip.   68    
Allison Ronald L. Medic SP5 Assigned To B Company 8/67-8/68 CA 95642
Anderson Calvin M.   CPT Engr. Equipment Off.   67    
Anderson George B. HQ MAJ Battalion S3, Cdr TF Ripsaw   66/67    
Anderson William   HQ MAJ Battalion S3   66/67    
Andrews Robert     SP5     67/68    
Andrews     S-3 SP5 S-3   68    
Ardoin Lawrence     SP5          
Asper William H. Engr. Eq. LT EEO   68/69    
Avina Robert     SP5     67/68    
Bailey John     PVT     68    
Bakeman Charles D. HQ MAJ Battalion XO   68/69    
Baker (*) Forrest D.   2LT Commo   67    
Bales James R.   SP4     68/69    
Banda Michael   Flame     12/67, 69 WA 98579
Barnett Barry M. Hvy Equip SSG Hvy Equip PLT SGT   9/68, 2/69 FL  32141
Barbee Alverne     SP4     68/69    
Barney     Flame SSG          
Barron George T. HQ CWO2 S4-PBO   69    
Barta Donald   HQ CPT Asst S-3, S-1   66/67    
Baxter James R. HQ 1LT Recon Off.   66/67    
Beck     HQ SP4 Ass't Div Engr   68    
Berry James           67/68 MO 65803
Bickerstaff Chuck   S-3 MSG S-3   66, 67    
Bishop Ray M.   SP4     67/68    
Blalock Doyle D.   SP5     69    
Blasinski Ronald   Flame       68 Il 60638
Bogdon Tom                
Bolyard Robert E.   SP5     67/68    
Bonamico Henry D. HQ 1LT Recon Off./CO HHC   68    
Braddus Gary N.   SP4     69    
Braden     S-2 Recon SP4 S-2 Recon   68    
Branson Brian A.       Removed by Request 78 - 81 CO  
Brogila Michael A.   SP4     68    
Browers       SSG     68    
Brown Arthur S.   MAJ S3   68/69    
Brown Carl B.   SFC     67    
Brown Joseph K. HQ 1LT ADJ/S1   69    
Bruner Larry B.   2LT Commo Off.   67    
Brunnhoeffer Gilbert C.   CPT     9/68, 8/69    
Buchanak Bradford E.   SP5     68/69    
Bugnie Peter     SP4       WA  
Bullock Charles         67/71 NC 27545
Carlos Joseph R.   SP5     67/68    
Carson       SP4     68    
Carter James       S-3   68 MO 65583
Cartmill Jimmy   Water Purif. CPL S-4   67/69 CA 94103
Cecil     Motor Pool SP4 Motor Pool   67    
Chancey Eli Jr. Maintenance SSG Maintenance   68    
Clark Terry A.   SGT     68/69    
Clouse Robert             OH(?)  
Cobb Steven G.   SP4     68/69    
Coleman Richard J.   SP5     67/68    
Collins(*) Michael P.   2LT Asst. Engr. Equip. Off.   67    
Combs Christopher S.   1LT Asst.S4   9/68, 8/69    
Cook Kenneth A.   SP4     68/69    
Cooley     Equipment SP4 Equipment   68    
Corbett David A.   CPT Engr. Equipment Officer   67    
Corey Larry W.   1LT     68    
Costaro       SP4     68    
Czarniecki John J. HQ CPT Ass't S3   69    
Darville Robert T.   SP4     68/69    
Davenport James     WO1 EERT   68/69    
Davies       MAJ     67    
Davis Rodney           68/69 LA 71006
Davis     S-3 MSG     68    
Day     S-4 SGT     68    
Del Valle Carlos M. HQ CPT Batt. Surgeon   9/67, 9/68 PR  
DeLapp Morman L.   1LT Commo Officer   67    
Denering Charles                
Dodd Joseph K. HQ MAJ BN Chaplian   69 KS  
Donahue     Water Purif.       68    
Dorsey James A. Water Purif. SP4   67/69    
Dunn Steve D.   SP4     68/69    
Dunn     HQ SSG Med NNCOIC        
Durden Lou     1LT XO   67/'68    
Eatman Homer   Flame            
Ebbert       SP5     68    
Eggert William M.              
Eggleston William J.   SSG     67    
Emig Donald K. HQ MAJ BN S4   68/69    
Evans     Motor Pool SGT     68    
Feeley David R.   1LT Asst. S1/XO HHC   67    
Feeley David R.   1LT Asst. S1/XO HHC/Rome Plow   67, 68    
Felty Curtis E.   WO1     68    
Felty     Ass't Div Engr. SGT Ass't Div. Engr.   68    
Fifer Daniel A.   SP4     68/69    
Fitzgerald Jeremiah       Medic   68    
Flannagan James P. HQ WO Eng. Equip. Repair   68    
Floyd Benzell   H 1LT CO     VA  
Foglie     Ass't Div Engr. SP4 Ass't Div. Engr.   68    
Fortenberry Jerry P. Water Purif. SP5   2/69, 8/69 TX 77904
Francis       CWO Maintenance   67    
Fugate William C. S-1 SSG PSNCO   66, 68    
Fuqua Lawrence E.   SP5     68/69    
Furlong     Commo SP4     67/68    

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